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A perfect Ganesh Chaturthi for Riverside Temple

September 17
01:57 2010

RIVERSIDE: The perfect beginning of the Riverside’s Shri Lakshmi Narayan Mandir’s Ganesh Chaturthi function heralded a perfect event. Everyone and everything was in place on time as the program began with sankalpa.

Pandit Sesha Samudrala read out the names of the sponsors, which revealed a record number of grand sponsors. Under the instructions of all three Mandir Priests, including Head Priest Dr. Shukavak Dasa, Pandit Vipul Jani and Pandit Seshacharya Samudrala, the sponsors participated in Ganesh Puja followed by abhishekam.

Once the sponsors had completed their abhishekam all 400 bhaktas attending were given the opportunity to pour one of the many-colored juices or other offerings in the kalasham on Ganesh.

While Ganesh was being dressed Sanjeev and Geeta Munshi Family sang Ganesh bhajans. Pandit Shukavak banged a gong to announce the procession.  Mandir children carried colorful pennants and devotees held Ganesh high on their shoulders. The procession wound its way around the crowded Mandir until it reached Ganesh’s altar. Mantras were recited during the archana stotram.

The Munshi Family sang the Ganesh aarti, which concluded the program. Mandir President Bhoodev Tiwari especially thanked Meena and Raj Sindher for organizing the program every year and gave each a beautiful Ganesh murti to every sponsor. Everyone enjoyed the delicious Maha Prasad which was cooked on site by the caterers.

Victoria Truver



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