POST MEDIA INC. RJ Media Inc.’s first venture was the newsweekly India Post, established on July 4, 1994. the newspaper was founded by eminent California-based cardiologist & community leader Romesh Japra with the clear purpose of empowering the Indian Diaspora and making their voice strong and effective in countries of their adoption.


Our mission is to be a complete media organization providing news, information and entertainment to the Indian Diaspora. We achieve this through a variety of media, including print, broadcast, Internet, forums, event, and Online Marketplace etc.


During the first 14 years of its existence. India Post newsweekly has emerged as the fastest growing Indian-American newspaper. This is not our claim. The respected independent media auditors Circulation Verification Council (CVC) have endorsed it.

The CVC has certified India Post’s readership at 132,177 and called it the fastest growing Indian-American weekly that scores on readership and 100% receivership on par with the top 20% of mainstream newspapers.

The newspaper has at its helm highly professional journalists with long careers to their credit. It presents news and views in an unbiased and professional way. Its editorial policy is by far the most independent for any comparably newsweekly.

EXTENSIVE NEWS COVERAGE India Post has a news gathering infrastructure that is unrivaled by any competitor. We have news and marketing bureaus all over USA, Canada,India and other parts of the world.

Apart from people of Indian origin living in America and Canada, the newspaper also covers people of Indian heritage from other parts of the
world such as Fiji. Trinidad and Tobago and Africa. Besides India, which is our main focus, we also regularly cover news developments from other South Asian countries such as Pakistan. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

India Post website www.indiapost.com gets hits from 130 countries worldwide.