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Atheist nations are the happiest

Atheist nations are the happiest
December 14
06:26 2017

Danish kids

Denmark, Norway and Sweden are at the top of the UN’s annual World Happiness Report, year after year.

Also, these countries have the least crime rates in the world.Now, Is it a coincidence that these countries have some of the highest percentage of atheists and non religious people in the world?
There’s more.

These countries, whose population comprises mostly of non believers, the kind who don’t believe in Kayamat or re-birth or after life heaven or hell, are the most charitable. They donate more than anyone else in the world (As percentage of their GDP).

Without praying five times a day or going to Church every Sunday or without bothering about auspicious time and yajna, these countries have the highest number of Nobel laureates per million of population.Maybe, just maybe, narrow interpretation of Religion is the reason holding back bigot nations.

Madhu Patel



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