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Bavada seeks Democratic nomination for 10th District

January 29
21:04 2012

LAKE COUNTY: A second generation Indian American Vivek Bavda has thrown his hat to be a Congressional candidate from Democratic Party and has been earnestly seeking support from his constituents and supporters across Chicagoland.

A couple of weeks ago he addressed a fundraiser gathering at India House restaurant in Schaumburg, and last week he spoke at Telugu celebration at the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago in the evening and Fairview High School in Skokie. Emphasizing his Indian route at the Telugu event he observed “as it says in the Gita, do your dharma. To me, this means to do my duty to public service.” Mafat Patel, one of the sponsors at the Skokie event, said, “I am behind Vivek, and everyone else should be because he will make us all proud.”

Bavda in his speech to the youngsters urged them to embrace their culture because it will root them on a solid ground for progress enabling them to become what they want – a journalist, doctor or politician. Bavda is a pragmatic progressive education advocate, and a job creation warrior, who will take a high profile stand for the middle-class, working citizens of the 10th District.

When asked, if elected, how he would represent the citizens differently from his incumbent and primary opponents, Bavda replied, “Unlike Bob Dold, I am a staunch believer that we have to use the government to create jobs. My regional jobs plan, which includes doubling the number of lanes on I-94 and I-90 from the Loop to Tower Rd and the airport, respectively, would bring unemployment in the 10th District and Chicago land down to 2004 levels.”

Bavda went on, “As a staunch believer in Medicare and the President’s signature health care reform, I know we can lower health care costs using a reverse Dutch auction system for payments without cutting Medicare benefits.”

Bavda is a son of immigrants from India and was born in Columbus, Ohio. He is closely involved with Democratic politics and progressive issues. These include volunteering for events like the 1996 Democratic National Convention, Senator Dick Durbin’s Senate campaign in 1996, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s Congressional bid in 1998, as well as Vice President Gore’s Presidential effort in 2000.

As an educator with Teach For America in Compton, CA, Bavda saw firsthand the challenges our students face. He knows the education challenges we face in the nation, and believes that excellence can only be attained if it is demanded by well funded, well trained, and accountable teachers.

Bavda is currently an attorney and holds a JD from The John Marshall Law School. He is a member of the American Bar Association, Illinois State Bar Association, Lake County Bar Association, and the Chicago Bar Association.

Bavda lives in Mundelein and is a fan of Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago Bulls. He enjoys golf, softball, and taking classes for personal enrichment.

Surendra Ullal



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