• INDIA’s national problems, instead of getting reduced ,getting more and more complicated day by day, year by year simply because India could not build up any “Philosophy of Management” in any and all fields of her National management.
    India’s first Government ,led by Prime Minister Nehru had definite thinking and the process of 5-year plans got started with Ist five year plan dedicated to Agricultural renovation.But Chineese war in 1962 made Nehru shaken and though China did return the occupied Indian lands in Arunachal and Assam,China left a ‘fear phobia’ among common Indians in general, political leaders in particular and specially among ruling political leaders for not having the courage to learn about 1962 war,as to why ‘China vacated occupied lands’ of their own? The truth was not occupation of India and not even today,then why? What made China angry during 1962 and occassionaly makeing angry now? Here that philosophy makes the prime point. I will give one related example.
    The world knows that ISLAM does not allow any sort of criticism on KORAN and yet India would shelter ‘Islamic religious people’ who are still musalman,charged with blasphemi? China has got similar grievences since Nehru’s time,but could be managed Indo-China relations for long,but certainly any country like China would not like certain things of ‘sheltered’ immigrants,that would be resolved once India can decide her ‘FIRM philosophy of management’
    Let us talk about India’s domestic unhappiness,first comes ‘unbearable FOOD PRICE , general inflations,unemployment,housing,medical,cooking gas,Kerosine,Diesel prices etc for which Indian ruling leaders along with opposition MUST examine the items being used by poor and middle class family,like LPG,Kerosine,Diesel for transportation etc. and seal their present prices, Government subsidy will be quantified from such items.
    I have proposed an all out solutions for all Indian poor and middle class people to Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh on the 11th June,2012 and got a reply ‘being reviewed’ and shall wait till 20th of July and then forward to media for their information.
    I have proposed to’ flood Indian market with GOOD QUALITY Wheat and Rice with Rs.2(two) a kilo for any one wanting and try for a month and review.A highly skilled Bihari worker, who had worked to build my house in Kolkata during 1980,came to see me just before sending my proposal to our P.M. and told him my proposal ,he had very highly liked my innovative ways.
    In my proposal to P.M.,I have given ways to findout funding for the special 5-year plan for upgrading all Indian “BPL to APL” and the cost of all subsidies ,I have proposed,like cost of subsidy for supplying ‘good quality wheat and rice and for others.
    I have given a draft ‘notification’ for unearthing BLAK MONEY’,for getting back all within three months.UPA -II must understand that a white paper on black money declared by the former Finance Minister ,when asked about the names,he replied “more than this cannot be disclosed'” will not do.People of India seems have given clear signal in the recent U.P. elections. Promise of building ‘a Ram Mandir’ did not work and with his best effort and wish could not become UP’s chief minister inspite his son’s strong desire,and backing ,people of UP accepted the younger leader,thinking he would deliver their needs.
    50(fifty) states in the USA have no problem for revenue sharing never heard during my living there for 8 years ,but India did not fix it for keeping states under ‘political control and some times for getting one RS seat and or, getting their support for political survival and thus allowing the state rulling party to borrow money as they wanted and create acute problem like in West Bengal,Kerala,Punjab etc. and for that Central Government has NO money even for a three years moratorium, but billions and billions of dollars for purchasing arms and amunations for an imaginary “Chineese bugs” ,promoted by “ARMS SELLERS OF THE WORLD”‘ late Lalbahadur Shastry lamented to us in 1966 in former Leningrad for not being able to burgain with General Ayub Khan for vacating occupied Kashmir in exchange of ‘war gains of India in 1965 war reaching upto the door step of Lahore? Late Shastryji was so adament ‘for not signing any agreement (Pakistan and Russia) until occupied Kasmir would have been vacated,yet he had to sign and collapsed,when his son asked,”Eaahe upne kiya kardiya? How long more India would go on spending billions and billions of dollars for arms purchases promoted and marketed by arms sellers and keeping our millions of poors and down troden unfed,uncared?