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Ambulances outside Royal Liverpool Hospital

More nurses in UK taking time off due to stress

LONDON: The number of nurses taking time off due to stress in the UK has soared as health authorities struggled to cope with rising demand for care. Both the number… Read more »


Experts unhappy with lab test packages becoming industry

NEW DELHI: Looking to gift his wife something unusual on Karva Chauth, Delhi businessman Devesh Verma zeroed in on a novel option of buying her a health package. The package… Read more »


Psychosocial factors tied to better heart

WASHINGTON: Children with favorable psychosocial experiences may have better cardiovascular health in adulthood, scientists say. Positive psychosocial factors include growing up in a family that practices healthy habits, is financially… Read more »

Minister Manohar Lal Khattar

‘Nation’s health can be assessed by IMR, MMR’

CHANDIGARH: Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has said that the status of healthcare of any country could be assessed by its statistics of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal… Read more »


Poor sleep may lead to drug problems in teens

WASHINGTON: Adolescents who get poor or insufficient sleep may be at higher risk of developing alcohol and drug problems, scientists say. Researchers have found that sleep difficulties and hours of… Read more »


Eczema sufferers run risk of heart disease

WASHINGTON: Adults suffering from eczema, a chronic itchy skin disease, have higher rates of smoking, drinking and obesity and are less likely to exercise than adults who don’t have the… Read more »


Cone snail venom can cure cancer, addiction

WASHINGTON: Cone snail venom may lead to medical treatments for some cancers and nicotine addiction, a new study has found. Cone snails are marine mollusks, just as conch, octopi and… Read more »


Indianapolis slow in removing lead-based paint

INDIANAPOLIS: Indianapolis is moving at a slow pace spending a $3 million grant intended to prevent lead poisonings among low-income children by removing lead-based paint from older homes. Since 2013,… Read more »

Nadda for research to strengthen healthcare sector

Nadda for research to strengthen healthcare sector

MUMBAI: Union Health Minister J P Nadda today stressed upon the need for a focused academic research for strengthening the sector and providing “accessible and affordable” healthcare especially for the… Read more »

Dr John Robin Warren

Nobel laureate sounds alarm over excessive antibiotic use

MUMBAI: Alarmed over the increasing use of antibiotics to treat even common ailments, Nobel laureate Dr John Robin Warren has warned of a “disaster” if excessive use of antibiotics is… Read more »


Optimistic people have healthier hearts

WASHINGTON: Optimistic people have significantly better cardiovascular health than their pessimistic peers, a study of over 5,000 adults has found. US researchers found that people who were the most optimistic… Read more »


Center to support Ayurvedic center in Kerala

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Centre has pledged financial support to set up a state-of-the-art Ayurvedic Clinical Research Centre in Kerala to help scientifically validate traditional systems of healing and medicine and integrate… Read more »


Global clinical trials network launched during AAPI summit

MUMBAI, India: During the ground-breaking Global Health Care Summit held at the Trident Hotel in Mumbai in India, AAPI – Global Clinical Trials Network, a new initiative of American Association… Read more »


Surgery in ancient India was advanced, says doc

MUMBAI: Surgery in ancient India was very advanced and Sushruta, the “father of surgery,” described qualities of a good surgeon in his book ‘Sushruta Samhita’, a doctor said at the… Read more »

Union Health Minister J P Nadda

‘Providing affordable, quality healthcare a challenge’

MUMBAI: Union Health Minister J P Nadda has said the government is working towards making essential medicines available at a cheaper rate even as he acknowledged that providing access to… Read more »


Festival celebrates street food from 25 Indian states

NEW DELHI: Traditional delicacies ranging from Mysore dosa to litti chokha as well as specialties like ‘garlic kheer’ and ‘tash ke kabab’, typically found only in street corners across the… Read more »

Kellogg's cereal products sit on display in a supermarket in

Share of cereals in food has declined

NEW DELHI: Reflecting changes in the dietary habits, a government survey has found that the share of protein-rich cereals in food has declined but oil and fat intake has gone… Read more »

Lockett: Death was called “a bloody mess”

Death penalty states unmoved by botched execution

MCALESTER, OKLA: Oklahoma’s last execution went so badly that the state tried to cancel it before it was over. With the inmate writhing while the lethal drugs seeped into his… Read more »


Headache may be only symptom of brain tumor

WASHINGTON: Headache is sometimes the only symptom of brain tumors, a new study has found, suggesting CT scans and other neuroimaging tests for people with headache can prove helpful in… Read more »


Google Glass may help moms monitor newborns

BOSTON: Researchers are testing whether Google Glass can help ease anxiety of parents temporarily separated from their newborns. A new study at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston will test… Read more »