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From L to R:  Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas and 
former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee

‘Obamacare’ under attack as conservatives eye 2016

MANCHESTER: Republicans eyeing the 2016 White House race battered President Barack Obama’s health care law and nicked each other, auditioning before a high-profile gathering of conservatives that some political veterans… Read more »


Diaper shortages create hardship, health problems

ST. LOUIS: Disposable diaper shortages among needy families are harming infants and their parents, according to health care providers and advocates for the poor. Local food pantries receive countless requests… Read more »


India is facing huge cancer crisis

LONDON: India is facing a cancer crisis, with smoking, belated diagnosis and unequal access to treatment causing large-scale problems, experts said. Every year in India around one million new cancer… Read more »


Paralyzed Indian in Dubai hospital over unpaid bills

DUBAI: An Indian, who became partially paralyzed after a stroke, has been stuck at a hospital here for the past four months as his estranged family has refused to foot… Read more »


Know your baby’s health before it is conceived!

LONDON: A new technology that creates digital embryos by virtually mixing two people’s DNA can allow parents a glimpse of their baby’s health and physical traits before it has even… Read more »

Ami Bera

Calif. Democrats walk middle path in health debate

WASHINGTON: Democratic Rep. Ami Bera has been making a habit lately of bucking his own President and voting with the Republican majority in the House as it moves to amend… Read more »

Dr Ronesh Sinha

‘Indian vegetarian diet is one of the unhealthiest forms of eating’

FREMONT, CA: “The South Asian Health Solution” is a book written by Dr Ronesh Sinha to address this unique challenge. Dr Sinha is an internal medicine physician for Palo Alto… Read more »

BJP''s balloon will burst, says Rahul Gandhi

BJP’s balloon will burst, says Rahul Gandhi

NEW DELHI: Expressing confidence that UPA will form the government again, Rahul Gandhi today asserted that BJP’s campaign “balloon” will burst like ‘India Shining’ in 2004 as he warned that… Read more »

Kirron, Gul Panag file nomination for Chandigarh LS seat

Kirron, Gul Panag file nomination for Chandigarh LS seat

CHANDIGARH: BJP candidate Kirron Kher and Gul Panag from the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today filed their nominations for the Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat. Kirron filed her papers with the… Read more »


Study to test ‘chocolate’ pills for heart health

It won’t be nearly as much fun as eating candy bars, but a big study is being launched to see if pills containing the nutrients in dark chocolate can help… Read more »

NY Senate

NY Senate rejects ‘Dream Act’ for immigrant students

ALBANY, N.Y.: The New York Senate has rejected a bill that would open up state tuition assistance to students in the country illegally, dashing long-held hopes of immigration advocates and… Read more »

La Trobe University

Process to remove dead cells can reduce diseases

MELBOURNE: An Australian research has shed new light on how dead and dying cells are removed from the human body, a breakthrough which can help potentially reduce numerous diseases. According… Read more »


Call for ban on paan masala, gutka in Kerala

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A group of bureaucrats, health professionals and social advocates in Kerala have collectively given a call to ban consumption of tobacco-based paan masala and gutka products by law, following… Read more »


Gene family can suppress prostate cancer

WASHINGTON: Scientists have discovered direct genetic evidence that a family of genes are tumor suppressors. Cornell University researchers said that MicroRNA-34 gene family (miR-34), act as bona fide tumor suppressors…. Read more »


Genes may thwart elderly’s exercise gains

WASHINGTON: Scientists have found that a particular gene in some elderly people may prevent them from fully reaping the health benefits of exercise. Exercise has repeatedly been shown to reduce… Read more »

Married women

waist tied to poor Married women less likely to die from heart disease

LONDON: Married women are 28 per cent less likely to die from heart disease than unmarried women, a new Oxford study has claimed. This is despite the fact that marriage… Read more »

Large waist tied to poor health

Large waist tied to poor health

WASHINGTON: Having a big belly is detrimental to your health, even if you have a healthy body mass index (BMI), a new study has warned. The international collaborative study led… Read more »


Rare female-to-female HIV case reported in US

WASHINGTON: A 46-year-old woman in the US has likely acquired HIV from her female partner in a rare case of female-to-female sexual transmission of the deadly AIDS virus, scientists say…. Read more »

Los Angeles area

Most crowded housing in Los Angeles area

LOS ANGELES: Far from its reputation as the land of endless sprawl, Southern California has some of the nation’s most crowded neighborhoods, according to a newspaper’s analysis of population data…. Read more »


Some Alabama doctors now offering concierge care

TUSCALOOSA, Ala.: A growing model of health care has now come to Tuscaloosa. An estimated 5,500 doctors in the United States are concierge doctors – physicians who charge patients an… Read more »