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Situation very complex in Bangladesh US

Situation very complex in Bangladesh: US

WASHINGTON: The situation is “very complex” and there is a threat “on the ground” in Bangladesh, the US has said after a series of bloody attacks on secular writers and… Read more »

Development of Zika virus vaccine underway in India WHO

Development of Zika virus vaccine underway in India: WHO

UNITED NATIONS: India is among five countries where projects are underway to develop vaccines to fight the deadly Zika virus affecting newborns in 38 countries. The World Health Organization’s Director-General… Read more »


India’s health protection gap is among biggest in Asia

MUMBAI: The country has one of the biggest health protection gaps in Asia, which is expected to increase by 12.3 per cent annually to USD 214 billion by 2020, a… Read more »


Zika virus may be carried by other mosquitoes

RIO DE JANEIRO: Research by scientists in Brazil indicates that a mosquito more common than the one primarily known to transmit Zika infections may possibly be able to carry the… Read more »

Scientists say they still have a lot to learn about Zika before they'll have a vaccine ready for people.

Best way to understand Zika might be to inject it into volunteers

That idea may sound a little crazy, but it’s not unprecedented. And some researchers are hoping the approach could help speed up the search for an effective Zika vaccine. Right now,… Read more »


Stressed fathers may put kids at diabetes risk

These epigenetic marks do not affect the underlying DNA, but they do control how Sfmbt2 and an associated microRNA (the intronic microRNA-466b-3p) are expressed. The epigenetic reprogramming from stress, through… Read more »

CDC Director Tom Frieden testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, before the House Foreign Affairs, Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations subcommittee and Western Hemisphere subcommittee hearing on: 'The Global Zika Epidemic.

Study finds Zika virus in fetal brain, a clue in outbreak

WASHINGTON: New details about the possible effects of the Zika virus on the fetal brain emerged as U.S. health officials say mosquito eradication here and abroad is key to protect… Read more »

Dr. Vanessa Van Der Linden, the neuro-pediatrician who first recognized and alerted authorities over the microcephaly crisis in Brazil, measures the head of a 2-month-old baby with microcephaly in Recife, Brazil.

Babies’ eye damage in Brazil linked to Zika?

CHICAGO: The Zika virus might cause eye damage in small-headed infants born to women infected during pregnancy, a small study in Brazil suggests. The study lacks hard proof of any… Read more »

Indian drugs cheaper, says Govt on withdrawing duty exemption

Indian drugs cheaper, says Govt on withdrawing duty exemption

NEW DELHI: Defending the move to end the customs duty exemption for import of 76 life saving drugs including those for treating cancer, AIDS and haemophilia, Government has said Indian… Read more »

Indian-owned medical firm in UAE to provide healthcare at home

Indian-owned medical firm in UAE to provide healthcare at home

DUBAI: A Dubai-based Indian-owned healthcare firm has launched a program aimed at providing medical services to the local community at their homes in the UAE. Aster DM Healthcare, which owns… Read more »

Health Minister J P Nadda

Focus medical research on Indian issues, Nadda tells ICMR

NEW DELHI: Union Health Minister J P Nadda has asked Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to do focus-based research on issues being faced by Indian community and incorporate traditional… Read more »


No health effects of mobile towers radiation

OLKATA: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) experts have claimed that radiation from electro-magnetic fields (EMF) of mobile towers does not appear to have “adverse health effects” either on adults… Read more »


Dr Vyas leads trauma care training in India

MUMBAI: Dr Dinesh Vyas, Associate Professor of Surgery and Associate Dean of Surgery Research atTexas Tech University supported by ArogyaaVyas Healthcare Trust and MV Surgical, USA, led a global health… Read more »

Vedanta Resources trims Bond buyback to $227.40 mn

Vedanta Resources trims Bond buyback to $227.40 mn

LONDON: Metals and mining conglomerate Vedanta Resources has cut down its Bonds repurchase offer to USD 227.40 million out of its outstanding USD 1.13 billion convertible Bonds due in July… Read more »


2.3 lakh opioid dependent in Punjab; 76% between age 18-35

NEW DELHI: There are about 2.3 lakh opioid dependent people in Punjab, of whom 76 per cent are aged between 18 and 35 years, and heroin is the most widely… Read more »


New gene editing technique treats blindness

LOS ANGELES: A new technique that has the potential to treat inherited diseases has been shown for the first time to hinder retinal degeneration in rats with a type of… Read more »


Heavy carcinogenic metals in classrooms of Delhi

NEW DELHI: A scientific analysis done by Greenpeace India has found “high and alarming” levels of cancer causing heavy metals inside the classrooms of different schools across Delhi between October… Read more »

Functioning human pancreatic cells after they've been 
transplanted into a mouse

Insulin-producing pancreatic cells created from human skin

LOS ANGELES: Scientists have successfully converted human skin cells into functional pancreatic cells, a breakthrough that may lead to a personalized cell therapy for diabetics and spell end for daily… Read more »


US advises people to eat less sugar

MIAMI, FL: Added sugars in foods should make up less than 10 per cent of daily calories, said US government dietary guidelines that for the first time urged specific limits… Read more »

Dallan Jennet (L), a 14-year-old boy from the Marshall Islands, is the first patient in the US to undergo this procedure.

14-year-old receives first 3-D printed nose in US

NEW YORK: A 14-year-old boy has become the first patient in the US to undergo a successful nose transplant using 3D printing technology after his face was disfigured when he… Read more »