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Immigration guidance provided to Connecticut police

HARTFORD, Conn.: Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and other Connecticut officials are providing police chiefs and school superintendents with guidance on how to respond to President Donald Trump’s executive order on

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Immigration fight spills into House foster care bill debate

AUSTIN, Texas: The opening efforts by the Texas House to solve the state’s foster care crisis erupted into a fierce debate over immigration, when a Republican lawmaker proposed ending financial

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EU takes step closer to allowing Ukrainians visa

BRUSSELS: The European Union has moved a step closer to granting visa-free entry to citizens of Ukraine.   Negotiators from EU member countries and the European Parliament reached a deal

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Sheriff’s office to enforce immigration law

CAPE MAY, N.J.: A New Jersey sheriff’s office is seeking to enroll in a program so its officers can enforce immigration laws.   The Press of Atlantic City obtained documents

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H-1B visa program faces onslaught of Congressional bills

WASHINGTON: With the Trump administration seriously mulling H-1B visa reforms, at least half a dozen bills have been tabled in

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Immigrants change up their routines, brace for arrest

In Orange County, California, dozens of immigrant parents have signed legal documents authorizing friends and relatives to pick up their

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Trump plans impact 3 lakh Indian-Americans

WASHINGTON: Nearly 300,000 Indian-Americans are likely to be impacted by the Trump administration’s sweeping plans that put the nation’s 11

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New Trump order drops Iraq from travel ban list

WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump’s new immigration order will remove Iraq from the list of countries whose citizens face a temporary

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Muslim immigrants invited by Democrats to Trump’s address

WASHINGTON: Democrats today invited some South Asian Muslim immigrants, including from India, to President Donald Trump’s first joint address to

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Over 100 start-ups urge Trump against H-1B executive order

WASHINGTON: Over 100 technology start-ups have appealed to US President Donald Trump not to issue any executive order on H-1B

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