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Evolution of Clubbing!

No, I am not talking about the night-hopping, loud music-blaring, feet -tapping type of clubbing, although that has its merits, and has been enjoyed many a time. I am talking… Read more »

International yoga festival ends in Haridwar

International yoga festival ends in Haridwar

DEHRADUN: Curtains came down today on an international festival on yoga, culture and spirituality at Haridwar-based Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya with nearly 2000 delegates from 20 countries including the US, Korea… Read more »


People drink more alcohol on gym days

WASHINGTON: People drink more alcohol on days when they are more physically active, according to a new study. The research by Northwestern University in US found that on days when… Read more »

Dr Muhammad Iqbal Chawla

Restoring Lord Wavell’s place in history

For Professor Dr Muhammad Iqbal Chawla 67 years are not enough to erase the pangs of Partition. Or, to brood over the what/ifs of history. Neither to rewrite an era that was… Read more »


Disney bid to be ‘Khoobsurat’ in India

To promote the release of Khoobsurat, a Bollywood film produced by Disney’s Indian subsidiary, actress Sonam Kapoor traveled to Disneyland Paris to have her photograph taken with Mickey Mouse in front of the… Read more »

Kira Kazantsev

She won it with red cup

New Miss America ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.: Miss New York Kira Kazantsev won the Miss America pageant Sunday night, with the help of a red plastic cup. For her talent performance,… Read more »

Aamir to play a police officer too in 'PK

Aamir to play a police officer too in ‘PK’?

Aamir Khan seems to have a lot more in store than just his nude look in Rajkumar Hirani’s most awaited film ‘PK’. In the new poster of the film, Aamir Khan is… Read more »

Sonam Kapoor

‘Looking for a man who won’t let me down’

The fashion diva and industry’s favourite, Sonam Kapoor is an independent and a headstrong girl. She seems extremely clear about almost everything in her life. Very early into Bollywood, she got the… Read more »


Modern designer, ready-to-wear clothes from Pakistan

NEW DELHI: Young fashion designers from Pakistan believe a similarity between cultures and a shared history contributes to the popularity of their designs in India. A handful of designers from… Read more »

Manju Kapur

Women writers open up

NEW DELHI: What does it take to be a writer? An array of 23 formidable writers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, share stories of their journey as they… Read more »

Big B reaches 10 million mark on Twitter

Big B reaches 10 million mark on Twitter

The battle for gaining popu larity among Bollywood stars is a common phenomenon. The saga continues over the social media sites too. It is the war to have the most number of… Read more »

The half marathon was organized to promote girl child education and create awareness about health

Dream run for rural ‘Betis’

If you throw a dart on the world map, it probably will not fall on a village called Bichola. Zoom a little, you’ll find Anoopshahr. Zoom further and you’ll know… Read more »

Sharmila decides to stay away from home, mother]

Sharmila decides to stay away from home, mother

KOLKATA: Even after her release from detention, rights activist Irom Chanu Sharmila has decided to keep her vow of neither entering her house nor meeting her mother till the government… Read more »

Buy Bollywood memorabilia

Buy Bollywood memorabilia

MUMBAI: Some of the most coveted items of the bygone and present-day era of India cinema including original art works from iconic movies like “Baiju Bawra”, “Mother India” and “Mughal-e-Azam”… Read more »

Jameson Empire Awards 2012

Miss India America pageant on Aug 23

LOS ANGELES, CA: The star studded VIP charity gala ceremony of the crowning of Miss India America and Mr India America will be held in Los Angeles on August 23…. Read more »

Fawad Afzal Khan

Pak actors try their luck in Bollywood

Fawad Afzal Khan is yet another example of Pakistani actors making a beeline for Bollywood despite facing opposition from their fans back home. Here’s looking at the other imports who have… Read more »

Stephen Hnilica

Challenging charity walk from Tampa to Seattle

FREMONT, CA: Stephen Hnilica, a serial entrepreneur and online marketing specialist, is walking from Tampa to Seattle to raise $100,000 for Free the Children. The walk from Tampa to Seattle… Read more »

chahc (1)

Chacha Chaudhary creator Pran is no more

Cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma who made childhood memorable for a majority of Indians with his funny characters and adventurous comic books passed away on August 6 at the age of… Read more »

Paresh Rawal

Paresh Rawal: Mr. Modi does not believe in any kind of corruption

Paresh Rawal, 59, is a simple, uncomplicated man who hates being a hypocrite, as he believes it corrupts your soul. While he may need to do frivolous brain-dead comedy at… Read more »

The fragile thread of Rakhi is strong

Oh, Brother!

The fragile thread of Rakhi is strong Anyone who has ever had a brother, sister, cousin, or a sibling equivalent knows the trials and tribulations that accompany such unique relationships…. Read more »