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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

How to be intense without turning tense

Only one who knows how to be intense and relaxed at once will know the true joy of activity. Right now the bane of humanity is that people have forgotten how to… Read more »

Abraham Maslow

Psychology of the healthy, sane and fulfilled

American psychologist Abraham Maslow realized that the theories of Freud and Jung had been developed through studying people who considered themselves to be sick or to have problems of some kind. The… Read more »

krishna ji

Krishna is still beyond man’s understanding

Krishna is utterly incomparable, he is so unique. Firstly, his uniqueness lies in the fact that although Krishna happened in the ancient past he belongs to the future, is really of… Read more »

Dr Robert Svoboda

The five elements are impersonal forces

In “Aghora” you mentioned that Tantra purifies the elements within one. Can you practice Tantra to get well or to balance your Doshas? Svoboda: You can. What’s important in Tantra is you… Read more »

Jean Klein

We can only know what we are not

You know moments in your daily life when you are completely absent as a person. You cannot think this absence, you are it. If you consider yourself to be a person, then… Read more »

Ananda Wood

Why be afraid of the old man’s death?

My mother was a disciple of Shri Atmananda’s, and in 1952 she took my sister and me to see him. I was then a five year old boy, troubled by a fear… Read more »

Martin Heidegger

Anxiety is the philosophical mood par excellence

The basic idea of ‘Being and Time’ by German philosopher Martin Heidegger is extremely simple: being is time. That is, what it means for a human being, to be is to… Read more »

Ramchandra Gandhi

We are not happy even with our happiness

I am rude to you in the queue for a bus because you, an old man, are not moving fast enough; I am quite avoidably rude to you, I am a reasonably… Read more »

Colin Drake

Restless mind no problem for awareness

Many people complain of a ‘restless mind’ when they try to meditate, contemplate or just relax into pure awareness. Their thoughts seem to speed up and many worldly worries crowd in that… Read more »

G. de Purucker

The so-called ascetic is on the wrong path

There is a totally wrong idea in the world that the way to obtain the “kingdom of heaven” (to use the ordinary Christian phraseology) is by giving up your manhood; that the… Read more »

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Tips and guidelines for Hatha Yoga practice

For a human being, the visual apparatus are the most dominant. When you close your eyes, the world disappears – unless you have your own false world in your head! The… Read more »

J. Krishnamurti

Yoga meant leading a very moral, disciplined life

Everybody seems to be terribly interested in yoga. They want to keep young and beautiful. Shall we begin with that? Yoga has now become a business affair like everything else. There… Read more »

Francis Collins

Arriving at faith because it makes sense

It was really as a medical student, and later as a resident, encountering the realities of what disease and the specter of death does to human beings, that I began… Read more »

D.T. Suzuki

Zen believes in inner purity and goodness

Zen is extremely elusive as far as its outward aspects are concerned; when you think you have caught a glimpse of it, it is no more there; from afar it looks so… Read more »

Saint Kabir

Supreme Lord was never this or that Avatar

Attach yourself to that Master who will free you from duality, and take you to the Supreme Lord. Make no mistake, the Supreme Lord did not come as an avatar in… Read more »

Steve Taylor

Inner silence & solitude gave him so much bliss

In 1978, an Australian named Paul Narada Alister was wrongly convicted of a terrorist attack and spent 7 years in prison before being pardoned. In his book Bombs, Bliss and Baba, he… Read more »

Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Vedanta is independent of perception & inference

We often hear that Veda is scientific. Is this true? The Veda as a whole is looked upon as a means of knowledge in the Vedic tradition of learning. Being an independent… Read more »

Mary O'Malley

Five core qualities of your well-being

There are five core qualities (flow, spaciousness, light, love, and stillness/peace) that are the essence of the meadow of your well-being and as you learn how to open into Life, you will… Read more »

Swami Ramdas

Sense of possession a great obstacle to realization

It is not by mere external renunciation that one attains God. There are so many who have externally renounced and gone to the forests but have not realized Him. It is… Read more »

Vimala Thakar

Spiritual inquiry is not withdrawing from life

To be spiritual is to be related to the visible, invisible and the infinite aspects of life simultaneously. True spirituality never provides any escapes for fear-obsessed people. We may find other escapes… Read more »