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Sorrow is a sane response to the human condition

Sorrow has been a constant companion for many of us, and yet we are content with the mind’s interpretation of what it is. What if sorrow is not what it appears to

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5 things I wish I had known when I began meditating

Before I began meditating I felt that I had two advantages: I came from India, and because of my medical background, I had looked into the health benefits of meditation. So

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A distinct shakti was guiding me: Sunyata

Sunyata’s most ‘Himalayan’ and transforming experience came through Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. On three occasions, Sunyata (born Alfred Julius Immanuel Sorenson in Denmark) traveled south from his home in the mountains to Tamil

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Science has itself become a sort of superstition

To regard all material improve ments as a move away from spirituality, or to assert that science, and the industries are based on it, is absolutely evil, is unfair and untrue. The

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Plan of nature is that fittest must survive

Vedanta did not hesitate to destroy men, even the nearest and dearest relatives of Arjuna, who were his preceptors, his uncles, his

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If God exists anywhere, He is feminine

Those who have looked upon God as mother – as Durga or Amba -their understanding is much deeper than those who look

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Ram’s war was not against Ravan

When Ram had defeated Ravan, the Demon king; Ram walked over and bowed to him as a person of immense knowledge. Albeit

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How to be intense without turning tense

Only one who knows how to be intense and relaxed at once will know the true joy of activity. Right now the

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Psychology of the healthy, sane and fulfilled

American psychologist Abraham Maslow realized that the theories of Freud and Jung had been developed through studying people who considered themselves to

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Krishna is still beyond man’s understanding

Krishna is utterly incomparable, he is so unique. Firstly, his uniqueness lies in the fact that although Krishna happened in the

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The Vivansaa