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Conan O’Brien accused of Stealing Jokes

May 19
08:54 2017

The popular late-night host Conan O’Brien and his team of writers have been accused by a writer, Robert Alex Kaseberg, of stealing jokes from his blog as well as Twitter feed. Kaseberg, who wrote over a 1000 jokes for Jay Leno, said that the accused stole 5 of his jokes for his monologue, “Conan”. According to him, he had posted these jokes online between Dec. 2, 2014, and June 9, 2015.

The professional joke writer, who has written more than a 1000 jokes for Jay Leno, was sure about the theft of his material when he caught O’Brien cracking a joke, posted by him, for the third time.

“Two times there is an impossibly slight possibility of a joke-writing coincidence, three times there is no possibility of a coincidence,” he wrote on his blog. “And always used on the monologue one day or, in the case of the third time, six hours after it appeared on my blog and or Twitter.” he added.

Apparently, he contacted the comedian’s writing team, but was admonished by them. He then registered a case against O’Brien, his writers, Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner in July 2015. The accused denied of any material theft and requested the court to dismiss the case.

However, the Judge, Janis Sammartino has allowed the suit to proceed to trial. “Facts, of course, are not protected by copyright,” she wrote. “And although the punchlines of the jokes are creative, they are nonetheless constrained by the limited number of variations that would (1) be humorous (2) as applied to the specific facts articulated in each joke’s previous sentence and (3) provide mass appeal. This merits only thin protection.” she said.

On the other hand, O’Brien said, “Accusing a comedian of stealing a joke is the worst thing you can accuse them of, in my opinion, short of murder.” – News Source



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