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Dating game

Dating game
November 02
09:28 2017

Richa Chadha says outsiders are often advised to date actors and cricketers to create an image at the beginning of their career. The actor says when she was a newcomer, she was advised to do the same but she refused. “When I came to the industry, one PR person told me, ‘Send a text message to this actor.

Go on a date with him’. And I said, ‘But he is married!’ then this person said, ‘Why didn’t you send a message to this cricketer? It would have been good for your career, for your PR and public image’,” Richa says in an interview.

“I can’t date anyone on a transactional basis. This is the kind of advice I used to get, these are the things that people tell you when you are from outside world. That’s why I have very few friends in the industry,” she says.

Recalling her initial days, the 32-year-old actor says she managed all on her own without an entourage.



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