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DHS may ban carry-on laptops on international flights

June 03
10:57 2017

Washington: Till now, the US had banned carrying electronics larger than a cellphone on flights from 10 airports, located in the Middle East as well as Africa, due to security reasons. However, the head of the Department of Homeland Security said that he might be expanding this ban to laptops and other larger electronics, from carrying in all international flights.

“Well, there’s a real threat. But it is a real sophisticated threat and I will reserve that decision until we see where it’s going.” said John Kelly, the secretary of Homeland Security.

“Given the risk of fire from these devices when they are damaged or they short-circuit, an incident in the cabin would be spotted earlier and this would enable the crew to react quickly before any fire becomes uncontainable,” Steve Landells, a flight-safety specialist for British pilots, stated. “If these devices are kept in the hold, the risk is that if a fire occurs the results can be catastrophic.” he added.

“The point is, they have a real threat and it’s growing, it’s metastasized, as fighters come back from the caliphate to be — I believe — to be more of this kind of thing,” Kelly informed. –News Source





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