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Dr Ami Bera’s campaign gains incredible momentum

September 30
02:25 2010

Dr. Ami Bera

SACRAMENTO: Dr. Ami Bera, Democratic candidate for California’s 3rd Congressional District, is running one of the most aggressive campaigns of the year. Bera, 45, is a lifelong Californian whose parents immigrated from India over 50 years ago.  Widely acknowledged as the top challenger race in the country, Dr. Bera’s campaign is gaining incredible momentum – recently the respected political magazine CQ Politics upgraded this race from a “lean Republican” to a straight “tossup,” – the only Republican incumbent seat to move in this direction in the entire country.

This excitement is resonating with the people of the 3rd Congressional District, as the campaign has already recruited over 2,700 volunteers who’ve reached out to over a quarter of a million voters.

Dr. Bera is running one of the top races in the country, but he can’t win this election alone – he needs all of our support to get over the finish line. Visit or call 916-686-5244 to learn how you can get involved in this exciting campaign.

Roll Call, one of the capital’s leading publications that reviews Congressional races, says the battle between Democrat Dr. Ami Bera and GOP incumbent Dan Lungren has been moved into the “toss up” category. That’s good news for Bera’s impressive and well-funded campaign, particularly while the political narrative has been about Democratic losses in the House. Lungren has lagged in fundraising and in his campaign effort, while Bera and his energetic campaign team have been working the district hard for more than a year.

Washington Post said, “Rep. Dan Lungren is a rare species these days –
a Republican member of Congress from California. After failing to break 50 percent in his 2008 reelection, Lungren is a major target for Democrats who are touting the candidacy of physician Ami Bera. The Sacramento-area district is a partisan jump ball; President Obama won it by 1,592 votes out of more than 329,000 cast in 2008.

Reporting from Elk Grove, Los Angeles Times says, “Ami Bera, a first-time congressional candidate, campaigns along the tree-lined streets of the Sacramento suburbs, toting a water bottle and shouldering the hopes of Democrats nationwide.

“There is more at stake than personal ambition: A victory could help his party keep control of the House.
“Republicans need a gain of 39 seats to take charge, and with dozens of imperiled Democrats across the country, polls suggest the GOP could well succeed. To reach that number, however, Republicans almost certainly must hang on to 10 or so of their own vulnerable seats.

“One is held by Bera’s opponent, Rep. Dan Lungren, a former state attorney general and candidate for governor. He faces the kind of criticism – too long in Washington, too much of an insider – being leveled mostly against Democrats this election season.
“I’m a doctor, not a politician,” Bera says when a man in shorts and bare feet comes to the door. “We need people with real-world experience.”

“Lungren, seeking his fourth consecutive term in Congress and ninth overall, fights back by tying Bera to the unpopular House Speaker and sounding the theme that worked so well for Democrats in 2008.

“He stands for Nancy Pelosi,” the Republican lawmaker said. “I stand for change.

“The list of endangered GOP seats is fairly short. Four Republican seats seem at greatest risk…Lungren may be the most endangered. He is the only Republican House member in the country lagging behind his Democratic challenger in fundraising.”

India Post News Service



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