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Even if a body appears to ‘die,’ Consciousness is not touched

July 06
22:22 2012

Peter Francis Dziuban

To the extent one seems to ignore or be separate from Infinite Consciousness, and operates only on the level of what the senses sense – if that is all there is to one’s experience – then naturally when that sensing is stopped, it seems one’s entire experience has stopped.

Even if a body appears to “die,” Consciousness or Life Itself never is touched. Infinite I-Presence never is affected. How could that which is infinite get knocked out or killed? Where would one inject a needle into, or strike at, pure Infinite I-Presence, which has no physical structure or form and is completely undimensional?
Perhaps another thought has come, “But, when the body is knocked out, I have no sense of time passing; there is no recollection of beingat all. In fact, I have no memory of having been conscious at all. So Consciousness has to have stopped.”
Is It really Infinite Consciousness, Being, that stops? Pull it all apart again and look at it closely.
To say one had no sense of time passing is really saying what? It means one didn’t experience any sensations. Imagine taking away all the sensations you’ve had on any given day – all the sights of that day, all sounds of it, all the touches, tastes and smells.
Take away all thoughts and emotions, too. Could you even say there had been such a thing as that day? No! Could you say there was time itself? No.
It is only the experiencing of the five forms of sensation, thinking, and emotions that makes up the entire human sense of time. There’s absolutely no evidence of time without these. Yet none of that is the same as formless Infinite I-Consciousness being.
As pure Infinite Consciousness, I-Presence alone, You have absolutely no sense of time because Infinite I-Presence doesn’t have fivve senses to sense time; only a body appears to.
To assume the Infinite, I Am, should experience a passage of time is to not make a distinction between pure Consciousness, Being Itself – and that which is sensed and observable. It’s not starting with Consciousness at all. Only if one identifies with senses, with what pure Conscious Being is not, does one assume there is time passing. “If Consciousness is conscious, is present, even when the body is ‘knocked out,’ then why isn’t there any memory of the experience?” the thought may insist.
Well, exactly what is memory anyway? Memory is entirely a function of thought or a sensing mentality – it has nothing to do with Infinite Consciousness, pure Being. They’re not the same at all. Memory is merely the projected thought of people, objects, places, feelings; myriad images – all of which are mental forms.
The capacity to project these finite mental images is what has stopped, not Infinite Consciousness, undimensional I-Presence. Don’t confuse projected thought forms with formless Consciousness – just as you never confuse the moving images on a movie screen with the screen itself.

Peter Francis Dziuban



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