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Fanney Khan has a crucial message

Fanney Khan has a crucial message
August 08
11:19 2018

Sudhansu Maheshwari 

Atul Manjrekar directed Fanney Khan is a story about a father who wants his daughter to be a singer because he had himself failed to become a legend singer like Mohammad Rafi. Lata is a good singer but as she is overweight, it becomes an obstruction in her success. She is humiliated in public. Due to so many rejections and humiliation, Lata has a nervous breakdown. Father Prashant (Anil Kapoor) cannot bear his daughter’s pain and decides to kidnap Baby Singh, the singing sensation and a superstar.

The story is not unique or new but we all can relate with it. It portrays two approaches of glamorous world, one from the point of view of the ordinary man and other from the star’s perspective. The ordinary man only sees the shiny side of stardom but when we come to know our stars we understand their struggle, desire for normal life. The film successfully depicts both these perspectives.

The first half of the film is both dull and slow. The director takes a lot of time to establish the main plot. Frequent songs in the first half (though the songs are pleasing) distract the audience from the main plot. But the film escalates from the point when Baby Singh is kidnapped. The second half compensates for the loopholes of the first half.
Fanney Khan acting department is a power house of great performances. Anil Kapoor as Prashant is believable. He looks excellent both as a father and a performer on stage. Pihu Sand as Lata is the soul of this film. She depicts the pain and frustration of a girl who in order to become a star is ready to outshine her own identity. An amount of decency is added by Raj Kumar Rao as Adhir. He is commendable as the honest kidnapper. His chemistry with Anil Kapoor is also bang on. Aishwarya Rai has done justice to her limited but important role. Fanney Khan’s crucial message comes through her character.

Divya Dutta as Lata’s mother is praiseworthy. She is simple and natural. and just up to the mark. The supporting cast adds an extra charm.

The way the kidnapping scene is directed and a messy situation created is hilarious. The film’s climax is strong and touches the right chord with audience.
Amit Trivedi’s music is outstanding. “Tere jaisa tu hai” and “Ache din kab aaenge” are the songs which become the highlight of the film. As a whole Atul Manjrekar’s Fanney Khan is inspiring, an eye-opener and a decent watch.



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