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Farm training group visits Chino Mosque

December 03
21:23 2010

CHINO, CA: More than 30 members of a California Agricultural Foundation Leadership Training Class visited the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community’s Baitul Hameed Mosque in Chino.

The visit was a part of the preparation by the group for their upcoming trip to three Muslim countries: Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey.
The group enjoyed a tour of the mosque, dinner and a 90-minute question-and-answer session with Imam Shamshad A. Nasir.

With a brief introduction by the Imam about the basic beliefs and practices of Islam the visitors were invited to ask questions.

Among the several topics raised by the visitors most questions seemed to revolve around the usual quarries; the status of women in Islam, the difference between Ahmadis and other Muslims, and means about achieving peace in the world.

Imam Shamshad answered questions from the Islamic perspective.

“Most of these questions are pretty common,” said Imam Shamshad. “But it is important that I answer these each time.”
“Because, it is towards peace that all of these questions lead to,” he said.

Imam Shamshad says that weather it is the equality and the rights of women that Islam offers as a religion – as opposed to other religions – that none other does; or if it is about removing differences and misunderstanding between Ahmadi Muslims and people of others sects and faith, the ultimate benefit is, “it leads us to peace.”

“When people and governments both choose peace, there will be peace,” Imam Shamshad said.

Imam says peace is very important at this time for welfare of mankind; but quickest mean to achieving peace will be only if people will accept the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi and join the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

“Then, there would be peace in the world,” Imam Shamshad declared.

Imam Shamshad offered the 120 years history of the Ahmadiyya Mulsim Community as a proof for the truth of his statement.

“No Ahmadi Muslim has ever been found involved in any kind of terrorist activity, not even as much to sympathize with anyone else involved in such acts.” Imam Shamshad proudly asserted. “Our concept of ‘Jihad’ is altogether opposite to what the terrorists have been preaching.”
Imam Shamshad explained that Ahmadi Muslims have a unique track record. “We have been mistreated in all sort of vicious ways. But we never took it to the street, not even to protest against the atrocities carried out against us.”
We claim, says Imam Shamshad, “‘Love for all, hatred for none’ is our motto and it serve us well – in serving others.”
“We bear resemblance to the community of Messiah 2000 years ago,” says Imam Shamshad. “They were persecuted but they ultimately triumphed. So will we. That is God’s promise to the community of Messiah.”
Afterwards, Yissel Barajos, the organizer of the Leadership Training Class visit to Baitul Hameed Mosque, thanked Imam Shamshad and his congregation.

“Thank you so much for your hospitality.  You and your congregation made us feel welcome and we felt honored to share prayer and dinner with you,” Yissel Barajos said.

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