Ga ga over Priyanka

Desi girl Priyanka Chopra’s first international single, In My City, is sure getting her international fan following. The latest to join the PC fan club is Jamaican singer Sean Paul.
“PC is a stunner! I have heard In My City … India is a talented country … With such a single, PC sure does have fans worldwide. I like her and I’d love to meet her,” the reggae singer said.
Recently, Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, too, said he’s in awe of the 30-year-old actor. Asked about which Bollywood actress has his attention, he said, “Priyanka Chopra … I got to meet her and also managed to see a few of her movies. I loved them! She is great and simply unbelievable.” Enrique also liked PC’s debut song.
“I also recently heard her single, it was pretty good. I enjoyed it,” he said during his recent Bengaluru concert.
It’s not just singers who are all praise for Priyanka. Hollywood actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has fallen in love with PC’s voice. “I came across Priyanka’s new track and found the song very upbeat and refreshing. She is beautiful and extremely talented. The song is going on my iPod list,” The Dark Knight Rises actor said recently. The compliment made Priyanka instantly tweet: “Thank u Joseph!”

  • PC smital

    TO PIGGY – My heart, My love, My life, My world, My universe, I owe everything to you, for bringing me to life. For giving me purpose on this earth…………….

  • PC smital

    TO PIGGY – you are my world
    you are the home
    you are my soul mate
    you are the apple of eyes
    you are my end of the road
    you are the physic to my grief
    my love for you is infinity
    my world is living because of you
    you are my today and tomorrow
    you are present and future………….

  • PC smital

    TO PIGGY – you are a flower i will plant you in my heart water you with my blood and cover you with body,

    i love you from the bottom of my heart………………….

  • PC smital

    TO PIGGY –
    I look up to the sky,
    Just to see the shining star,
    Blinking like your tiny eyes,
    I love you…………………