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Govt trying to make allies scapegoat of corruption: Advani

October 29
02:22 2011


BJP leader L K Advani

today accused the government of trying to make coalition partners a “scapegoat” of corruption for which the government as a whole is “responsible”.

He also attacked Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over rising inflation and said that price rise is continuing unabated even though “we have supposedly an economic expert” at the helm of affairs.

Taking a dig at the Prime Minister for raising the issue of coalition politics while dealing with corruption in the UPA Government, he said, “Coalition imposes restriction in so far as policy matters are concerned, not in terms of integrity”.

“There is an attempt to make coalition partners a scapegoat of corruption for which the whole government is responsible,” he charged.

“It is only a matter of policy that alliance imposes restrictions, not in matters of integrity. There are no compulsions of coalition dharma,” he said.

Maintaining that no single party can come to centre at its own, Advani said there are bound to be coalitions.

“If elections take place in 2014 or earlier, it will be a coalition government,” he said.

To a question about choosing coalition partners, the BJP leader admitted that, “In so far as standard of integrity are concerned, the kind of integrity you can impose on your party, you cannot impose on your allies.”

He said the party will be more careful in selecting partners in the future and any shortcomings will be dealt with in this regard. Food inflation rose to 11.3 per cent and prices of vegetables rose by 25 per cent and the trend continues even though we have supposedly an economic expert as country’s Prime Minister,” Advani said.

Asked about the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Advani said the question has been addressed squarely. When elections come, we will declare what we want to.

He also raised the issue of black money stashed in foreign banks saying, “The Government is reluctant to act because any disclosure would cause it more embarrassment.”

On the public support received by the yatra, Advani said it has “surpassed all expectations– of my own party and adversaries also.”




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