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Grove North hosts Diwali for Indian patients

November 05
01:43 2010

SKOKIE: A Skokie based Grove North Long Term Care and Nursing Home that has 35 long term care Indian patients, held a beautiful Diwali Party on Sunday October 31 for their Indian residents. The nursing home is very popular with the South Asian community because of their numerous Indian and Pakistani staff members including nurses, nurse’s assistants, activity aides and even a chef.

Registered Nurse Gulzar Khemani said, “Diwali is a very significant and holy event for the Hindu community. Many of our residents have fond memories of celebrating it in the past with their families and friends. We at Grove North want them to continue enjoying that and are honored to hold the joyous celebrations”

The event was celebrated with rows of lighted earthen lamps, Raas-Garba and scrumptious mouth watering food with traditional sweets. The residents, many in wheel chairs, gathered in the main dining hall on the first floor, which was decorated for the occasion.

The festival celebration started with Garba, a swirling dance with rhythmic thunderous music from DJ “Arun”. The participants were mostly relatives, friends and employees of the facility. Due to age and health issues, many senior residents joined in Raas Garba but celebrated with their hearts.  They clapped with each drumbeat, sang with choked voices filled with uncontrollable joy and appreciating a world which has not forgotten about them nor their contributions.

Dina Modi, the wife of Dr. Chandrakant Modi, on behalf of the residents’ families, stated “It warms our hearts to serve the seniors who dedicated themselves to our well being when we were young and in need. The least we can do is do the same for them”.

Mr. Rebel, assistant administrator, urged the South Asian community to visit the facility more often because of the overwhelming joy it brings to residents. The dinner was served with many sweets and other special customary delicious items. Assistant Director Rebel stated that “we had our first Indian patient little more than two years ago by the name of Mrs. Manjula Modi, mother of Dr. Chandrakant Modi. Since then the Indian population has sky rocketed due to our excellent care and accommodating nature which is needed for our Indian patients”. Explaining further, he said, “We hired an experienced Indian cook who prepares vegetarian meals.  We are also very proud of our employees like Meena Kansara.

Every day for about 2 and ½ hrs, Meena coordinates Hindu/Jain group prayers for all interested residents. She also reads scripts from holy books like “Gita” sings bhajans, kirtans etc. This daily activity takes place for entire group in special community assembly room.

Rebel also thanked his other team members Administrator Mark Bubaick and Jamie D’latt, the Director of the facility. The facility is equipped to provide personalized therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, wound care, pain management, geriatric strengthening program, neuromuscular re-education program, restorative program etc.

India Post News Service



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