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Hooked to Zumba

September 14
23:08 2012

Post her return from a long holiday in the US, Prachi Desai seems to be a changed gal. She has returned with a new passion: Zumba.

It is learnt that a friend introduced the actress to the Latin American dance and fitness form during her visit there. And not only did Prachi find it a fun dance form, but she also practiced it regularly to stay in shape. If that’s not enough, she has also acquired a new collection of music to play while she indulges in her Zumba sessions back home. According to a friend of the actress, “Prachi has become addicted to the dance form and ensures that she takes time out for her sessions every day without fail. She’s looking and feeling great ever since she’s got hooked on to it during her visit to the US, so she sees no reason to not continue practicing it at home while in Mumbai.”



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