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How ignorant was Einstein?

September 16
21:13 2011

NEW YORK: It’s not easy challenging Albert Einstein – after all he is considered the father of modern physics and one of the most prolific intellects in human history.
Although Einstein’s gift to humanity – the equation E=Mc2 – remains unchallenged to date, it has not deterred scientists and researchers over the decades to discover theories that the original thinker and scientist may have missed.
In a revolutionary new book, Einstein’s Ignorance of Dark Energy, physicist Henryk Frystacki reveals a breakthrough theory that purportedly unlocks secrets of “hidden” energies, which apparently Einstein missed.
The debate over the existence of Dark Energy is not new, but in this startling book, Dr. Frystacki, PhD, considers corresponding quantum mechanical, geometric and trigonometric implications absent from Einstein’s theories to provide new insights into understanding the cosmology of our universe.
When Einstein presented his general theory of relativity, he missed certain aspects of the possible origin and nature of dark energy and dark matter because he was not aware of the revolutionary new findings of today’s astrophysicists, the book claims.
This book examines the origins of Dark Energy and Dark Matter that Albert Einstein ignored below the event horizons of length and time. Einstein missed a feasible extension of four-dimensional space-time because he did not consider a basic set-up of space-time alone as a vacuum energy construction with an overall distortion pattern that is caused by four interacting quadrants. The model of an extended space-time describes three space-time quadrants below the event horizons of length and time that complete the present picture. It confirms precisely the experimentally observable ratio between baryonic mass, dark energy, and dark matter of the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) 7-year result, published in October 2010. The nature of a mass background field gets transparent, showing that baryonic masses are detached energy components in wrong space-time quadrants, banished and trying to make their way home via mass defects and black holes.
Einstein’s Ignorance of Dark Energy presents breakthrough concepts that include:
A logical explanation of the previously elusive nature of dark energy and dark matter, utilizing quantum mechanical and simple geometric and trigonometric calculations unexplored by Einstein;
How and why these two hidden energy forms represent an astonishing 96 percent of all existing energies in our universe;
How all physical matter in the universe exists as detached energy components from interacting space-time quadrants, and how this matter attempts to return to its original energy state via mass defects and black holes; and a foundation toward explaining the very essence of the universe.
“I made these unexpected discoveries while working on a decision matrix for investments in high-tech energy projects,” says Dr. Frystacki. “The result was a space-time-mass grid that is entirely revolutionary based on the principle of cause and effect in a rotational super symmetry. There is not yet any other book on the market that explores these monumental concepts in this way.”
Henryk Frystacki earned a PhD in Applied Physics & Engineering from the Technical University of Munich. He is an initiator/promoter of high-tech projects (nanotechnology, bionics, etc.); his lead project, “Escape of Time,” involves the investigation of the nature of dark energy, beginning with the general theory of relativity and adding event horizons of length and time of quantum physics.
Einstein’s Ignorance of Dark Energy is not a story book; it is academic and based on serious scientific research. If you are the geeky type, and enjoy challenging established norms, you may get this book off for $26.50.

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It’s a lovely book. It feels energetically clear and light. It’s easy to read, dip in and out and most importantly it offers information without fluff! Blessings on this project.

Jac O’Keeffe
Spirituality teacher based in USA.

*Available on Amazon, Flipkart & other online stores*

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