Kumar Sanu & AlkaYagnik meet Media

Bollywood singers Kumar Sanu & Alka Yagnik addressing the  press conference

Bollywood singers Kumar Sanu & Alka Yagnik addressing the press conference

CHICAGO: On the eve of their stage performance in Chicago, Kumar Sanu and AlkaYagnik, two talented and popular Bollywood singers, decided to meet and greet the news media, fielding their questions and exchanging ideas.

The media event was organized by Sahil, LA Tan, Starz on Tuesday April 6 at Meadows club in Rolling Meadows three days before the stage performance by the artists at Sears Arena in Hoffman Estate.

The news meet had attracted 50 plus media and non-media interests and they were keenly seeking information about the April 8 show.

Kumar Sanu explained that whenever he and his co-artists stage a performance, the first thing they would like to assess is the mood of the audience. They would like to go with the likes and dislikes of the audience and would swing with them besides renderings songs that they feel comfortable with. He said the artists gauging the public mood and tuning their performance accordingly would meet with huge success. The response of the audience is very important for the artists to give their best.

Some of the members of media asked how they would tune to the songs while rendering first time, since the songs and rhythm would be totally new. Alkaji explained that first of all they would try to fathom and understand the meaning of song or the line and after that tune their emotion and heart to reach the depth of feeling in the song or line “We have to cross many steps before the lyric finally reaches the end line,” she said.

At the end of two hours meet and greet session, the news media asked to them sing a few line of some of their songs. They both sang “Meine socha na tha.’

Jayanti Oza