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OFBJP meet discusses changes brought in by Modi

OFBJP meet discusses changes brought in by Modi
November 22
10:15 2017

Two of the speakers at Chai Pe Charcha event in Chicago – Prof Narendra Rao and Dr Bharat Barai

CHICAGO: It was a year ago that the Indian government initiated its first firm step to root our circulation of black money. Indian Americans here decided to lend their moral support to that move by organizing a great meet titled – Chai PeChracha – here on Sunday November 19 at Jalaram Mandir Hall in Hoffman Estate, a Chicago suburb.

The program started with light lunch and interestingly the entire hall was full. Rohit Joshi, one of the organizers emceed the event. The attendees actively participated in the discussion expressing their views and offering their suggestion.

Hemant Patel, a community member, talked about Income Tax and observed that in the past it was being paid by a lot fewer people compared to that in USA. Rich people, he said, cleverly avoided paying taxes for long time. “Demonetization is changing it now and increasing the tax collections,” he added.

Prithviraj Solanki, an attendee, mentioned that shady deals for Rs. 3 lakh crores are under investigation and additional Rs 5 lakh crore are being looked at under suspicious dealings. Many co-operative banks got exposed for their surreptitious dealings while cleaning of gas station operations helped in recovering Rs.82 crores.

He asked why people want to leave India? Corruption and lack of honesty, nepotism etc are the prime reasons, he said. “Modi is the best hope. Either Modi or be prepared to face another 70 years of miseries,” he added.

Nishant Limbachiya, a community member, said that Demonetization was a great move. There are 3.3 million more tax payers now, and the tax collection is up by Rs.1.77 lakh crores. Shell company’s gas station operation frauds have been exposed and 5800 companies and 13000 accounts closed (1 company had 2000 bank accounts) .Digital transactions are encouraged requiring no cash. ATMs geared for helping the transactions.

Prakash Saunshi said Sewa Foundation is helping the younger generation under 17-20 with techno shift. Now in India with Aadhar Card it has become easy to do any transactions, contracts, lease etc.

GST: One country one tax makes life easy for the businesses and public. Even USA doesn’t have such an advanced and easy tax system. In 2-3 years India will be ahead of USA and Europe in operations.

Dr Shyamkant Sheth, a BJP activist, started with “Jai Bharat, Jai America.” He observed that even some senior BJP members are against Modi for reasons like not getting easy money. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Moody’s Credit Rating recognized Modi’s performance globally.

Amrit Mital, a community activist, said that Laloo thundered “100% Khaoonga, koi Maa ka lal hai kya to stop me?” Maa ka lal paida ho gaya hai. Modi says “Na Khayega na Khane Dega”. In Kashmir, with no black money the stone throwing incidents have come down. Note Bandhi caused some problems for 3-4 weeks but now the situation is getting back to normal. Rahul Gandhi. Says “main aadhi (half) nahin poori (full) Roti doonga.” Mital observed in that case “ab tak aadhi kaun deta tha?”

Dr Narendra V. Rao, a Finanace Professor, said steps against black money were a visionary move to eliminate cancer of corruption. Past PM Manmohan Singh talked on corruption but no action was taken.

Touching on GST, he observed, it directly delivers benefit plans with middlemen out. Modi sought the end of License Raaj and got rid of too many rules and regulations. Benaami, defrauding system wiped out. As a result, for the 1st time in 70 years’ history, India has a good Credit Rating by Moody’s.

India’s GDP will bypass China’s and reaching 8-10 % growth rate will not be a surprise. China is getting old (result of one child policy) and India is loaded with young people.

Dr. Bharat Barai, noted oncologist and community activist, listed the achievements of the Modi government and asked: “Where did money come from for terrorism and terrorist activities? – Dubai! Hawala operators, Burhan Wani and fake currency of 500 and 1000 rupees notes are a matter of past. Corruption and conversions have stopped,” he said.

Aadhar card is social security card of India and black money is useless now. He conceded that there were inconveniences due to the changes. Welcoming GST, he said there is one sales tax now; no city tax, state tax, etc. etc.

After small break for “Chai” was announced, it turned in to small groups discussing how the public in Gujarat and anti-national media are promoting anti-national and corrupt politicians and their agents.

The random groups thoughts centered on as to how India is rising under the real born-free, Congress-free, Independent First Prime Minister of India. Until now most ruling Indian leaders behaved like slaves following orders of their masters from West and Midwest blindly.

Madhu Patel



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