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Raja moves measure to uphold Paris Agreement

February 07
23:02 2017
Rep Raja Krishnamurthy and Mike Quigley

Rep Raja Krishnamurthy and Mike Quigley

WASHINGTON, DC: In the largest act of Congressional resistance to the Trump environmental agenda to date, Rep. Krishnamoorthy led 30 co-sponsors, including Rep MikeQuigley, who serves as Vice Chair of the Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition (SEEC), in introducing a resolution calling on the Trump Administration to maintain the commitments the US has made to addressing climate change and demonstrating a dedication to renewable energy through the Paris Agreement.

The resolution highlights rising global temperatures, including 2016’s status as the hottest year on record, and the need for the country to address the enormous threat posed by climate change while embracing the economic potential of green technology.

“The reality of climate change is not up for debate, and its consequences must not be either,” said Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, who introduced the resolution. “As a country, we face the choice of denying this existential threat, and the economic potential of addressing it, or embracing the challenge before us through developing technology to ensure not only the health of our planet, but the enduring strength of our economy. If we abandon our commitments made in Paris, we will cede the leadership of the green economy to China and other nations.”

“The United States’ participation in the historic Paris Agreement honors our nation’s responsibility to be an active and ardent leader in the fight against climate change,” said Rep. Quigley, Vice Chair of the Sustainable Energy & Environment Coalition. “Despite the efforts of misguided climate change skeptics in the Trump Administration, we cannot renege on our duty to protect our shared global environment. Doing so would directly impact working families in Chicago and across the country by harming public health, hindering opportunities for economic activity and innovation, and threatening our national security.”

Neela Pandya



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