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Sex ratio at birth in Delhi increases

August 22
03:35 2014

Sex ratioNEW DELHI: The sex ratio at birth in the national capital has increased from 886 females per 1000 males in 2012 to 895 in 2013, according to Delhi government’s annual report on registration of births and deaths in Delhi.

Further, the infant mortality rate (per thousand live births) decreased from 23.93 during 2012 to 22.37 during 2013.

“The total numbers of births registered in the city during 2013 were 3.70 lakhs as compared to 3.60 lakhs during 2012 and 3.54 lakhs during 2011, said the report prepared by the Directorate of Economics and Statistics for the year 2013.

The average number of birth per day works out to 1014 in 2013 as compared to 988 in 2012.

Of 3.70 lakhs total registered births, 1.95 lakhs (52.8 per cent) were male and 1.75 lakhs (47.2 per cent) were female. About 81.75 per cent (3.02 lakhs) were institutional births and remaining 18.25 per cent (0.67 lakhs) were domiciliary birth.

Out of total registered births in Delhi, 34.8 per cent were registered in North DMC, 32.7 per cent in South DMC, 20.6 per cent in East DMC, 11.1 per cent in NDMC and 0.80 per cent in Cantonment Board Area.

The total number of deaths reduced from 1.05 lakhs in 2012 to 97185 in 2013. Accordingly, average death registered per day reduced from 287 to 266 during the corresponding period.–PTI



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