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Queen of horror

Bipasha Basu hates to be known as the ‘face of horror genre’, but at the same time she is glad that she has been able to make it popular in

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Sad life

Bipasha Basu has been in the film industry for a very long time, and she feels that actor’s live a very sad life. “An actor’s life is very sad. The

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Fittest actress

Without a doubt, Bipasha Basu is the fittest female star in Bollywood. That toned abs and perfect assets, she is the same Bipasha who was slammed for being fat and

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Leaked video

Bipasha Basu’s crazy birthday party is out there on the internet for all to see. But the leaked video has left the actress miffed as she feels her privacy has

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Harmless liar

Guess what is Bipasha Basu’s New Year resolution. Well, the sultry siren of Bollywood wants to be a harmless liar

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Bikini ‘Player’

Bipasha Basu had last left her admirers drooling with her hot bikini act in 2006 for ‘Dhoom 2’. Once again

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Maratha queen

Bipasha Basu says her forthcoming international venture Singularity has given her a fresh perspective towards acting. ‘Singularity has been a

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‘Magic’ couple

Do not listen to what people say, what matters is how you feel. This is the strategy that Bollywood couple

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Jilting John?

Is Bipasha Basu tired of boyfriend John Abraham? Going by Media speculations, this may turn out to be true. So

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Sexy first

In a statement that can hardly qualify as modest, Bipasha Basu has said that it is she who made `being

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