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Hottest vegetarians

Bollywood hottie Mallika Sherawat and Kollywood superstar Dhanush have been bestowed with the title of being the ‘Hottest Vegetarian Celebrities of 2011’ by PETA India. Thousands of people had cast

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Heart in Bolly

Mallika Sherawat has moved to the US, thanks to her international projects, but says her heart resides in Bollywood and that people in the West are curious about the Hindi

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Ready for KLPD

Mallika Sherawat, who has been constantly shuttling between Mumbai and Los Angeles, is now ready for KLPD in Bollywood. The full title of the film is KLPD – Kismat Love

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Mallika’s politics

Bollywood may have acknowledged Mallika Sherawat only for her sex appeal and not for her talents as such, but the girl sure is making her presence felt in the international

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Mallika’s moment

Bollywood siren Mallika Sherawat was in the company of US President Barack Obama recently. The actress was invited for tea

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One-up woman

In what seems like an open challenge at the throne of the two hottest Bollywood item queens, Mallika Sherawat danced

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‘Hisss’ & her fans

B-town siren Mallika Sherawat is excited with her latest release ‘Hisss’ which coincided nearly with her birthday. But the film

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Sexy song

    Sexy song

Mallika Sherawat is trying everything under the sun to make her much awaited film ‘Hisss’ a big news. First, she

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