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Techniques and philosophy behind Egyptian pyramids

July 27
21:52 2012

HOBOKEN, NJ: In “Journey to Giza”, Dhan, the author, creates a fascinating historical novel that revisits the construction of the ancient Egyptian pyramids. The book is narrated in the first-person voice of a laborer working on the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza, who sets out to reveal just how it was done.
Beyond explaining the architectural mystery, the narrator plumbs the larger philosophical mystery of why the pyramids were built at all, and the result is a fascinating, existential journey into why we exist and strive.
Dhan draws on his years of research into the construction of the pyramids in “Journey to Giza.” Through the narrator, he reveals his own theories on how these amazing structures were built. He shows how the Grand Gallery lay unobstructed during the funeral procession and how the ceiling beams, in what is known as the Queens’ Chamber, were never cantilevered. In fact, the author argues that the Queens’ Chamber is really much larger, with its original dimensions obscured by fill stone.
Lastly, he tackles how ancient workmen penetrated the east wall of the Queens’ Chamber to retrieve a statue that stood within. Beyond the construction details, the ancient laborer surmises man must be an irrational being to have attempted the building of such a vast pyramid system.
He reconciles himself to spending years building the Great Pyramid by concluding man seeks after the “possibilities within impossibilities.” Later, Dhan also comes to understand that to create a new society the old one must be destroyed.
“Journey to Giza” is a historical novel that will appeal to pyramid buffs, hobby Egyptologists and anyone who has ever marveled at these wonders of the ancient world and wished to understand the methodology used in their construction.
Dhan was born in Jersey City, NJ. He served in the Army as a machine gunner. During this time, he developed the capacity to write in short, effective bursts. “Journey to Giza” is a novel born of his lifelong fascination with the ancient Egyptian pyramids, including the construction techniques and the philosophical implications.

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