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Yamuna is pure sewage at Vrindavan

August 06
01:16 2011

The Yamuna River where Krishna played no longer exists. It is blocked at Yamunotri, reports Swami Ramesh Babaji Maharaj who has arrived from Vrindavan to give lectures in locations around Southern California about this disaster. What passes for the Yamuna is intercepted by the Haryana government, which removes the clean usable water and deposits sewage. When this arrives in Delhi the water is treated and sewage once again is released. By the time it reaches Vrindavan it is pure sewage and not a drop of Yamuna remains.
The pujaris use this contaminated liquid for puja. The water of the Yamuna, that once bathed Krishna, is now sewage that is poured for abhishekam on His murti in the 5,000 Mandirs in Vrindavan.
How can we save the Yamuna? There is a petition on that will be sent to the Prime Minister of India, the President, the chief ministers and concerned authorities.

Victoria Truver



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