11-year old’s book selected for Book Festival

Akshaj Mehta

Akshaj Mehta

SACRAMENTO, CA: Akshaj Mehta (11) is believed to be the youngest Indian American author. He has written 5 books and 3 have been published. His first book ‘Super Mouse’ has been selected for Scholar Share Book Festival to be held at Fairytale Town in Sacramento on September 24 and 25. He is the youngest author and presenter for the two-day event.

Akshaj donates all the proceeds of his books to Children Charity.

In Super Mouse, a mouse with super powers goes on a daring adventure to save Mousecity from Cheese Monster. His other books are “E-Tron” (a pre teen Novel) about relationship between a 21year old and his grandparents who want him to join military. “E-Tron 2” is a sequel to E-Tron.

Akshaj was announced Hometown Hero for KFBK Radio because of his Charity work.

India Post News Service