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5 Ways How UpGrad Is Revolutionising the Online Learning Experience

5 Ways How UpGrad Is Revolutionising the Online Learning Experience
July 23
14:43 2019

Since childhood, we have always been restricted to learning in the traditional manner. The idea of online learning or taking courses on the internet raises the question of the authenticity of the provider of the course. It also makes us wonder about the impact of such learning in acquiring good jobs or the possibilities of succession to higher posts. Many would take the help of such resources to understand a new concept but mostly never to replace traditional learning.

Gradually, we are seeing a change in the way we perceive education. Ed-tech like UpGrad is introducing courses from highly revered institutes and universities that offer programs we didn’t imagine to be accomplished online. Are you still considering applying to a university for a degree that is available online? Let’s see if we can try and change that by the end of this article.

Here are 5 ways how UpGrad is evolving the online learning experience for students as well as professionals.

I.  Access to Learning Opportunities Outside Universities

Attending college for a degree or masters is what we plan as we complete high school. We have the dream college decided with the course that we want to major in and the score to get accepted. But what if you could do it all at home without the trouble of traveling or moving into a hostel? UpGrad has created an opportunity for students who want to learn outside the constraints of colleges and syllabus requirements. These online degree courses enable learners to increase the pace of their education and better the quality of resources available. The time that has to be dedicated to a course is lesser than what is demanded by colleges. This gives you free time to use in pursuing hobbies or other interests and get a healthy break from studying.

II. Chance To Pursue Education While Working Full-Time

Professionals prefer to continue their education while they work. By taking up certain courses in correspondence or through distance learning, most working people try to get by. But with the online degree courses in India offered by UpGrad, you don’t have to settle for a course that isn’t relevant to what you want to pursue. You can take up any course from the list of programs available on UpGrad and start right away. There are no restrictions that demand specific study timings with minimum hours required per week. Such online programs hold true for professionals that cannot afford to take a year or two off just to gain higher studies. Instead of stressing over dedicating hours to studying, UpGrad offers video tutorials and online assignments to grasp the topic easily. You could also be working full-time with 9-hour work timing but through these courses, you could aim for higher studies. The course focuses more on delivering important information without extending it unnecessarily.

III. Learn From Known Experts of Specific Fields

When we study subjects like entrepreneurship, we would prefer learning from someone who is an entrepreneur themselves and has been able to attain success. UpGrad gives you access to professionals that have expertise in a particular field like entrepreneurship and who are a CEO or co-founder of a successful company. Including such experts as instructors to teach a course allows you to understand the theoretical aspect as well as its practical application. And there isn’t just one instructor but several others that take up the lectures and walk you through various topics. You also have instructors from esteemed institutes having specialisation in particular subjects. The benefit of such an offering is that you are able to learn from several experts coming from respective fields and distinguishable institutes.

IV.   Courses Created by Collaborating With Reputed Universities

The online degree courses in India provided by UpGrad are created to give you value for money as well as for you to get what you invested in the course for, knowledge. Thus, UpGrad has collaborated with numerous universities so that you can gain the best of education from the course. To name a few institutes, there is MICA, IIIT Bangalore, University of Cambridge, BITS Pilani and more offering quality information in the video tutorials. These institutes are famous for their knowledgeable professors and for creating professionals that have made a name in the world. UpGrad enables you to learn from universities that are settled in regions far from you and brings them to your home. You can now get certifications from these reputed places that will add value to your learning and to your resume.

V.  UpGrad Offers More than Just Courses

Though UpGrad is a platform that offers an array of courses, you can also get other valuable services like resume review, placements, career counseling, industry workshops, hackathon, etc. You could schedule a career counseling meeting to get guidance on your career and get your resume reviewed by experts at UpGrad. This will help you in learning how to build a powerful CV which can aid you in landing a good job. There are mock interviews and practice employment tests offered by UpGrad to sharpen your skills at interviews. After you finish a course, there is a placement cell open which places you in successful and well-known companies. UpGrad also gives you the opportunity to work on industry projects and get detailed feedback on its submission.

Bottom Line

With similar technologies available in the market, UpGrad stands out with its revered partners and a wide range of offerings. The courses have been tailored to fit the needs of students as well as professionals, with flexible learning hours and quality education. UpGrad is certainly changing the way online learning works in India and introducing a brand new option to education.



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