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5 ways to prepare for safe agile certification

5 ways to prepare for safe agile certification
February 10
12:00 2021

For many people, exams can create anxiety, especially if they’re not well prepared for them. However, when you prepare thoroughly, you can face any test with a high level of confidence. If you intend to have a  safe agile exam soon, there are multiple ways of preparing for them. Therefore, stay tuned for juicy and informative tips for preparing for a safe agile exam.

Understand the structure and regulations

If you want to defeat an enemy, you must know them first. The knowledge will help you understand the tactics that the foe uses so that you can counteract them. This analogy can also be relevant when preparing for a  safe agile test.

You need to understand the test format, the number of quizzes, the exam duration, the pass mark, and the general exam regulations. A simple search on the internet can help you get valuable materials and tips for writing the exam.

Know the test content

When you have a safe agile certification, it means that you have the knowledge, expertise, and skills needed to carry out the roles in a Safe working ecosystem satisfactorily. It means that if you succeed in the Product Owner/Product Manager test, you can carry out the function of a Safe Product Owner on the job. Some of the approaches that can assist you in understanding the exam content include:

  • Studying SAFe Materials: once you’re through with class, it’s critical to review training slides and class notes. You can also open your Learning Plan, download the study guide offered, and go through it. The guide will offer you further suggestions on the best materials to read. You can also find the best materials for the exam on the Scaled Agile Framework site. While using the study resources, it’s advisable to start with areas that you find more challenging.
  • Target your weak areas: to use your time well; you should aim at your perceived and objective weaknesses. An excellent way to perform that is by taking the mock test within the same environments to write the actual test. Some people can take the mock test repeatedly until they attain a score of over 90 percent. Suffice to say that you should apply the mock exam as an evaluation strategy. Avoid memorizing it because the actual tests may not have similar quizzes. While taking the practice questions, your main concentration should be on ideas.
  • Interact creatively with the content: while engaging with materials you find challenging, it’s essential to avoid reading them multiple times. The best approach is to elaborate on the SAFe Big Picture to somebody. People who are conversant with all the icons on the picture and can elucidate it successfully are ok and ready to tackle the exam.
  • Create a case study: you can use an actual firm or an imaginary one and attempt to apply some intangible ideas that you find challenging.
  • Look at your assignments via the SAFe Perspectives: while conducting the evaluation, it’s critical to find out what matches the Framework, what’s unmatched, assess whether you group crafts narratives using user-story voice and whether you have a Scrum master.


While collecting materials from various sources is critical, it’s essential to have a mentor to guide you. The mentor can assist you in using your knowledge in real-life assignments.

Look for reputable institutions.

Because of lack of time, getting a mentor to guide you has become difficult these days. Therefore, you need to look for a high-quality institution to offer you the necessary help you may require. The institution will provide you with the training and tune you in the right frame of mind to pass the SAFe Agile tests. Ensure that the institution you choose has the accreditation from a recognized Scaled Agile body. And you require a two-day training before you take the test.

Write the exams

After much preparation, the next step is to take the exam. It’s essential to undertake the test within the set deadline and ensure that you have all the needed during the material day. For instance, ensure that you’ve got space, internet links, and calmness to concentrate on the exam.  Make sure you read each question keenly before you supply the right answer. 



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