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6 important questions to ask professional interior wall painters

6 important questions to ask professional interior wall painters
May 02
11:10 2020

Painters are aplenty but it is not easy to find a professional interior wall painter. Even when you find one, there are certain questions you need to ask the painters to get the assurance that you have chosen the right person for your professional painting services. 

  • Preparations for the painting contract 

Before you hand over the painting project to the painter, enquire whether they do the pre-tasks associated with cleaning or you need to take care of that all by yourself. Many painters provide these kinds of services as complementary but many others charge a separate amount for these services. 

  • Duration of the project 

Whenever you hand over the painting project to a professional painting contractor, then you need to ask how long would they take to complete the project. This helps you calculate the man-hours they would be putting into the project and they will be paid accordingly. This also helps you to compare the prices and even ask for the pay split up to the customers. 

  • Paint Quality 

You can very well question the painter as to what kind of paint they will be using to paint the interior of the building. In case, you aren’t satisfied with the quality they will be providing, you can mention the type and the brand of paint you would prefer for the interiors of your building. If you have any ideas for the wall colour combination, you can mention that to the painter as well. 

  • Cost of painting 

As much as you pay heed to the duration, quality of the paint used for the walls, you also need to check the cost of the paint. Apart from the cost of the paint, you need to ask how many helpers the professional painter would bring along and what will be the final costing, So, in case, you find the paints being charged high on rates, you can get the paints and ask them only to complete the contract.  

  • Previous work, Paper Work and Certifications 

When you google out wall painter near me, you would get a list of professional painters in and around your locality. If in case, you want to have a better idea of the painter, you can enquire regarding the professional expertise, the paperwork, and if they had done any certifications in the respective field to prove their professional touch. Also, you need to enquire if the painter would agree for an agreement to be signed. 

  • Insurance coverage 

The painter takes full charge of your building. So, in case of a breakage of the valuables or any other items in your home, you need to enquire if the project would be covered under the insurance deal. This is one of the most important factors which many fails to enquire about. 

These are some of the questions you need to ask a professional painter. There can be other questions as well, but these are the kind of questions you should never miss out asking. 



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