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A Cricket Betting Guide for Beginners

A Cricket Betting Guide for Beginners
November 26
15:16 2020

Cricket is one of the most famous sports all across the world. There are multiple seasons, matches, tournaments among different formats such as ODI, T-20, 50-50 etc. The fans have made this game a lot more interesting by betting on the matches for extra entertainment. They follow the strategies and matches of their favourite teams and players, check their weaknesses, and then bet. The betting can be done online or offline. Strategic betting is essential for winning. You cannot randomly select anyone and bet on them. A profitable bettor knows when to bet, how to bet, and how much to bet. Here are a few free tips by Cricket-Betting experts.

Types of Bets

To start with, bettors need to know the common types of bets so that they can decide what to bet on.

  • Match Betting

It is the most common form of betting. Here it would help if you placed a bet on who will win or lose or whether the match would end with a draw. A few have taken it further by betting for the entire tournament and bet on who will win or lose the contest.

  • Innings Run Betting

In this kind of betting, you need to bet on what would be the probable runs and wickets at the end of every inning.

  • Complete Matches Bet

The betting of this type is limited to One Day International (ODI). Here you need to predict whether any external factor can stop the match on a particular day or will it get shifted.

  • Batsmen and Bowlers Bet

This betting is team independent. Here you can put money on the most promising player according to you and predict how many runs he will score or the number of wickets he will take. Sometimes it is for the entire tournament, and sometimes it is just for a single match. You can also stake your money on predicting who will be the man on the game or the man of the tournament.

  • Bowler Match Bets

Here you have to select between two bowlers and who will give fewer runs and take more wickets. It is the beginner’s level of batsmen and bowlers bet.

  • Batsmen Match Bet

It is the same as bowler match bets. The only difference is that you need to select a batsman between the two or three options and bet on the batsman who you think will score more runs.

  • Tournament and Series Winners Bet

You can bet at the starting of the tournament or the series about who will be the winners. This type of betting is easy for tours like India tour to Australia or South Africa tour to England. Still, for tournaments like the Indian Premier League (IPL), it is highly unpredictable and then works based on luck and not on your skills.

  • Over/Underscore Bet

The sportsbook estimates the total run of the team before the match. Now you have to predict whether the team will score more or fewer runs than that.

  • Toss Winner Bet

This bet happens right before the toss. It would help if you decided who will win the toss and select what they will choose.

  • Dismissal Method Bet

It would help if you predicted how the batsman would get out. It can be a run-out, catch out, LBW, or due to injury.

Tips and Tricks for Leveling Up Your Betting Skills

If you are new to cricket betting, you should certainly know a few tips and strategies so that you can level up your betting skills. Here are a few tips:

  • Enhance Your Knowledge about Cricket

Enhance your knowledge about cricket, regarding the players, the top players, their playing style etc. It is not possible to get information about every player, team or tournament, so focus on the teams you like.

You can start betting with domestic matches like IPL. In an IPL, the players and team follow the T-20 format, and it is mostly played on the home ground. It is relatively easy to bet on such matches because there are hardly ten to twelve teams with fourteen players out of whom the playing eleven are usually known.

You also need to know the pitch – whether it is a bowling pitch or batting pitch. The weather is predictable, so with proper research, you can understand the flow of the game.

  • Choose Genuine Betting Sites

Ensure that you register on genuine betting sites. The bookmakers should have a pure motive with no forgery or alternative intentions from their side. You must also check out the various authentic sites so that you can do thorough research about bets, cash rewards, bonuses, guarantees, and rebates. For a better understanding, you must contact your family and friends who are already involved in betting. They can help you in finding trustworthy sites and bookmakers.

  • Research

Never stop researching. In almost every season, a new player is introduced. During the off-season, you can read various sports blogs and magazines, follow the cricketers and their interviews. It will help in knowing their new strategies and changes that they are introducing in their team. After every match, study the losing team and see what went wrong and what might be the likely changes in the team. At the end of a tournament, look out for other tournaments that the team would be playing and who all will play.

Sometimes the team’s PR doesn’t disclose a lot of information, but the players’ social media handles could give a few hints. You can also track the information from there. Most importantly, know about the weaknesses of players and which bowler or batsmen can overthrow them.

Apart from researching the team and players, you must also research the stadium, pitch, and climate. Sometimes a few pitches are suitable for bowlers as it restricts them, but some pitches make the batsmen score in hundreds. Another essential thing to keep track of is the weather, time and injured players.

  • Risk

Don’t spend more than what is required on any match. Firstly, you need to know which team is more robust and check their records. It is highly advisable not to bet blindly and follow what everyone is doing. Believe in your research. You must also understand that cricket is a highly unpredictable game; the strongest teams can again lose, sometimes the best batsman can get out with zero runs, or a new player can score hundreds of runs. Hence, do not place a significant amount of money on a bet.

 Summing Up

Betting, if done in good faith and for entertainment purposes, is one of the best ways to enjoy the game. Before starting betting, you need to understand that all days won’t be the same; sometimes you might win a lot, but at other times, you might lose a great deal. Play wisely to get the most out of this cricket betting game.



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