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A ‘Happy Lohri’ is incomplete without these food items

A ‘Happy Lohri’ is incomplete without these food items
January 13
13:23 2022

NEW DELHI: The festival of Lohri is right around the corner. And while a bonfire along with your loved ones is probably the most important thing to celebrate this joyous festival, the role of lip-smacking food to binge on cannot be forgotten. While the festival of Lohri gives way for constant nibbling of peanuts, popcorns, dates, rice puffs and other yummy tit-bits, here are some simple and delicious Lohri-appropriate dishes one can prepare at home easily and share with their loved ones.

1. Gur ki Gajak

One just can’t imagine celebrating Lohri without Gur ki Gajak, a traditional recipe of Punjab. This sweet is also easily available in the market during the winter season. To prepare at home, melt jaggery with ghee and load with chunks of dry fruits such as peanuts and sesame seeds. Then once set, it can be broken into smaller pieces and enjoyed. This recipe can be prepared in advance and stored in an airtight container.

2. Atta Laddoo

It is one of the most popular North Indian sweets. You can make these by using just four simple ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, dry fruits and ghee. After roasting wheat flour in pure desi ghee, combine it with gond (edible gum), powdered sugar and crushed dry fruits. Shape it into laddoos and enjoy it with your dear ones.

3. Murmura Laddoo

These light, crisp laddoos are a perfect winter treat. This sweet snack is prepared by rolling rice puffs with jaggery into balls. Jaggery should not be melted at a high temperature otherwise it can burst the rice puffs or turn their taste bitter. Remember to keep stirring while preparing this recipe to achieve perfect results.

4. Til ki Barfi

Just a handful of ingredients are needed to prepare this sugary delight. Combine sesame seeds with little ghee, khoya and sugar. And voila, your Til ki Barfi is ready! Til is a must-consume winter ingredient that will keep you warm and healthy.

5. Dry fruit Chikki

If you are not a big fan of jaggery or Gajak, you might want to try a dry fruit Chikki. Prepared by mixing dry fruits in caramelised sugar, this crunchy sweet is perfect for snacking with your evening chai. Quick to prepare without any hassle, this is an essential winter and Lohri snack, loved by almost everyone.

6. Gur ka Halwa

This healthy sweet dish is special to the Punjabi heart. Roast semolina with ghee and add the rich sweetness of jaggery into it. For more flavour, one can also include fennel seeds and cashews, raisins, almonds in the recipe.

7. Til ki Revdi 

These sweet candies are coated with sesame seeds and loaded with crunchiness.  This flat sweet is made with sesame seeds and sugar. One can also use jaggery instead, based on their likings. For a special touch, our chefs can experiment by adding some elaichi powder, kewra essence and/or rose essence to the recipe.

While these recipes are perfect to beat the chill and treat your sweet tooth, here are a few more dishes that can make your Lohri meal special.

8. Makki ki Roti and Sarson da Saag

This traditional Punjabi dish is perfect for serving in your Lohri thaali. The simple combo of Makki ki Roti and Sarson da Saag is also the best-loved and one of the most celebrated Punjabi delicacies.

For the Saag, boil and mash a combination of mustard greens and spinach, along with tomatoes and lots of green chillies. Add garlic tadka to desi ghee and add the Saag mix to it. Finish it with salt and spices and serve with dollops of butter.

Makki ki Roti is the best pair for sarson ka saag! It can be prepared with basic ingredients like maize flour, ghee, salt and red chilli powder. Grated radish, coriander leaves, chopped green chillies can also be combined with the dough. You can also add fenugreek leaves to the dough to enhance the taste.

9. Chole Bhature

This quintessential North Indian dish is relished by one and all can be easily cooked at home.

Boil chickpeas, add spices including pomegranate seeds and carom seeds, green chillies, ginger-garlic, tomato puree and onions. Cook the gravy and serve it hot with delicious bhaturas.

For the bhaturas, all you need is to knead white flour in curd and let it ferment for some time. Deep fry in desi ghee until golden brown. Complete the dish with raw onion salad and lemon. With these sumptuous and healthy food ideas, have a happy and delicious Lohri 2022. (ANI) 



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