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A unique twist on reincarnation

February 28
22:50 2013

webCHICAGO: It was a sudden revelation for an acclaimed David Earle. While sitting outside a coffee shop, feeling a bit melancholy, contemplating the age old question of life, he was suddenly struck with the thought, ‘What if this is all simply a dream or just a past life, that I will realize as being such, when I wake up in the future?’ It was as if a light bulb went off over his head, and the premise for his captivating new science fiction romantic thriller, Life Is But A Dream, was born.

“Life Is But A Dream is a reverse twist on reincarnation,” says Earle. “What makes it unique is that it begins in our present, but it is our present that turns out to be the past life for the main character.”

Roger Owen, an African-American family man in the year 2011, awakens the morning after his fortieth birthday to discover himself inhabiting the body of Sydney Hamilton, a Caucasian sixty-six year old Welsh Harvard Professor of History, whom he remembers nothing of in what is now the year 2125. For Owen, it’s time travel without the use of a time machine and the devastating realization that there is no turning back.

“Life is But a Dream encompasses the thoughts, emotions and reactions of a man who wakes up in the body of someone he does not know with the realization that the only life he has ever known is gone – his wife, his children, his entire family, friends and loved ones, including himself – are all dead and he can never go back and pick up where he left off,” explains Earle.

Owen’s odyssey of this strange new existence in the twenty-second century takes him from an insane asylum, to the care of an attractive, beguiling, empathetic psychologist Dr. Jessica Wynn, to the acceptance of both lost lives and the intriguing pursuit of finding his ancestors from his past life. Through it all, he must also deal with unraveling the mystery of a secret he unknowingly holds as Professor Hamilton regarding the truth of a catastrophic world event that occurred in 2115 that now threatens his life by a man who seeks to kill him.

A story for all ages and painstakingly researched, Life Is But A Dream is historically accurate as it touches on the romantic lives of six people over the span of three centuries – the lifelong loves of Roger and Laura who meet at a New York City dance club in 1995, of Sydney and his wife Margie who meet in an Oxford, England pub in the late 2070s and the love emotions Dr. Jessica Wynn feels for the outer appearance of her patient Sydney and the inner-self personality he possesses as Roger Owen in what is now the year 2125.

Life Is But A Dream intertwines romance, suspense and mystery that will keep readers riveted from the first page to its dramatic spellbinding conclusion.

Born and raised in Anaheim, California, David Earle currently resides in northern Nevada. He writes prolifically, varying from novels to screenplays to plays, four of which have been produced in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Earle’s screenplay adaptation of Life Is But A Dream won three awards in the AOF (Action on Film) International Film Awards, for “Best Dialogue for a Feature”, “The Arthur Rosenfeld Award for Dramatic Writing” and runner-up for “The AOF Award for Excellence in Writing”. It was also nominated for “Best Science Fiction/Fantasy Feature.” The film version is currently under consideration with several top Hollywood motion picture companies.

Surendra Ullal



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