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Amazing High School students

Amazing High School students
April 16
14:49 2020

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This COVID-19 outbreak affects all of us to varying degrees, but the group it affects the most is those in the at-risk groups. Older individuals and those with previous respiratory conditions are exponentially more at risk of having complications if infected with the coronavirus. Because of this, they are put at risk when doing everyday tasks like shopping. Our organization, Fierce Helpers (, aims to help alleviate them of this stress. We connect volunteers with those who are in need of delivered groceries or supplies, reducing the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Ramana Kolady

Ramana Kolady

This organization was founded by Ramana Kolady and Alexander Wang. Ramana had experience working with seniors before he co-founded this platform with his nonprofit organization Students and Seniors United. SSU is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the elderly and learning more from them, through research and community service (ultimately aiming to solve the issue of social isolation within the community).

After seeing a prominent issue for the elderly and at-risk-groups, Alex and Ramana could not simply stand and watch and decided to start the organization to really bring the community together in this unforeseeable time.

If you know anyone who could use our service, please ask them to place their orders on our website! On the other hand, if you would like to help out as a volunteer, please fill out our registration form on our website. Together, we can bring and keep the community together, even in a time like this!


Hello, my name is Ramana Kolady and I am a current junior at Cupertino High School. From a young age, I have always dreamed of becoming a doctor and developed a passion for helping the seniors around me.

With my career goal of becoming a geriatric physician identified, I aimed to help those in my community and started Students and Seniors United, an organization aiming to bridge the gap between seniors and teenagers in the community through research and community service (meeting with seniors and asking them various questions to obtain a collective data set, organizing social events with teenagers and seniors, etc.).

I also started doing research with many geriatric professionals in the field, to try to contribute to the field of medicine I care so dearly about. After observing COVID-19 and its effects on the people, more specifically, the problems it causes for the elderly, Alexander and I constructed Fierce Helpers, in order to get groceries and essential items to those most vulnerable during this unfortunate time.

With seniors going out to get groceries, they have an extremely high chance of contracting the virus and through Fierce Helpers, we believe we can keep the community close together, while also keeping our seniors and people at high-risk safe.


Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang

My name is Alexander Wang and I am currently a junior at Cupertino High School. I am interested in finance and hope to one day pursue a career in banking. In the last couple of weeks, as the concern around COVID-19 grew exponentially, I noticed that everyone was out for themselves and seemed to ignore the community around them.

COVID-19 especially affects those who are older or have previous health conditions, which is why it is particularly risky for them be in close proximity with others. After we noticed this problem, Ramana and I began working and thinking of ways we could help the community during this pandemic, which is why we created Fierce Helpers.



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