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Amir Foundation gets big boost from Chicagoans

December 20
22:39 2016
Celebrating Amir Khan (former two time World Champion boxer) birthday where he raised over $73,000 for clean water projects in Pakistan and Africa

Celebrating Amir Khan (former two time World Champion boxer) birthday where he raised over $73,000 for clean water projects in Pakistan and Africa

CHICAGO: The Amir Khan Foundation’s First Community Awareness and Fundraising Dinner was held on Saturday, December 10 at Shalimar Banquets in Chicago with over 200 of Amir’s supporters and donors braving the first major snowstorm and rough weather to participate in this noble cause which raised over $73,000 for clean water projects in Pakistan and Africa.

The program began with the Master of Ceremonies, Arshia Hasnain welcoming all the guests and informing that the 100 per cent tax free donations would give the world’s most vulnerable children the clean water they desperately need to survive and stay healthy. A beautiful recitation of the Quran was conducted by Hasan Najfi.

Then, famous Olympian and World Champion Amir Khan made an electric entrance to his theme song “Amir King Khan” and video presentation showcasing all the work The Amir Khan Foundation is doing.

The crowd stood up cheering loudly. The Pakistan Consul General, Faisal Niaz Tirmizi had graced the occasion and said that” we are all very proud of how Amir Khan tries to emulate and follow the word and wisdom of Quaid e Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah.” He observed that Amir Khan has achieved a glowing reputation not only as world class boxing champion but also committing his life and energy for the welfare of poor people, especially children of Pakistan.

A lively Question & Answer session with Amir Khan was conducted by Rizwan Malik, a co-founder of the Foundation. Rizwan Malik, briefly outlined history of The Amir Khan Foundation.

Question: What was the best time of your boxing career?
Answer: First one was at the age of 17 in Olympic Games when I won gold medal and became Britain’s youngest boxing medalist. Second was being youngest professional boxer to win a world title at the age of 22.

Q: If boxing was not in the cards, what other career might you have chosen and why?
A: Every child should be encouraged to follow his/her dream. In our Asian society a child is given narrow choice of pursuing a career to study medicine, engineering, law etc. However, if the child wants to pursue any other goal like becoming a sport hero in games like cricket, basketball or boxing etc. or follow other career ‘outside the box’ they should be encouraged and allowed to fulfill their ambition.

I myself was discouraged by some family members, clerics, teacher etc. to forget boxing and choose other options. However, my parents were fully supportive of my wish and that is why I am today a recognized word champion in the sport I liked. Without my parent’s support, I would be probably working in a Safeway store stacking shelves…

As it was the birthday of Amir Khan, a lovely cake was cut and everyone joined in an energetic singing of Happy Birthday to him.

Amir Khan, a former two time world champion boxer, raced to the top with his explosive hand speed and entertaining fighting style. At the age of 17, he was Britain’s youngest boxing Olympian. He is also one the youngest professional boxers to win a world title at the age of 22.

In 2014 he launched the Amir Khan Foundation dedicated to empowering young people who are disadvantaged around the world. He is devoted to helping those who need guidance and assistance regardless of their race, religion or geographic location – all children deserve to live happy and healthy lives.

This event concluded with Maz and Ziggy Bonafied from England entertaining the crowd with their Punjabi Rap style music which was much appreciated by the crowd. Amir Khan Foundation thanked all the volunteers and supporters and donors, as well as the sponsors.

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