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Anniversary program at Hindu Mandir Lake County

Anniversary program at Hindu Mandir Lake County
June 29
16:16 2022
hindu Mandir navgraha pujja

Hindu Mandir navgraha pujja

Geetha Patil

CHICAGO: Hindu Mandir of Lake County, Grayslake, a Chicago suburb, hosted three-day-long annual celebration of the anniversary program last weekend from 24 to 26 June 2022.  Hundreds of devotees attended and participated in the program and made it a grand success.

The First day evening, temple priests, Pt. Anil Joshi Ji, Pt. Radar Krishna Ji, and Pt. BaliGoal Ji performed Prabhavali (प्रभावलि) Prarambhik Vaasam (purification and Sthapana/ installation) Puja with sacred jal, nava dhanya, fruits, and flowers after the grand sponsor sankalpam. The Prabhāvali is an ornamental gold plated archframe with intricate etching and installed around the deities, which mimics the aura of the presiding deity it shadows and gives it a powerful posture and a vision of supreme divinity.

The second day’s morning program started with the Prabhavali Parikaram Yatra followed by the sankalpam of sponsors of Lord Ganesh, Sarva Devata, and Kalash Sthapana Pujan. Later Sarva Devi-Devata Homams were performed with all the Vedic rituals and by reciting the Moolamantras for living a healthy, wealthy, and prosperous life or all the living creatures on this earth. A sumptuous Maha Prasadam was served to all the devotees after the Maha Mangalarati. In the evening, Pradosham Pujan was performed to receive the grace and benevolence of Lord Shiva.

hindu Mandir pradosham puja

Hindu Mandir pradosham puja

On the third day, a stunning Kalash Yatra by women was organized after the Poorvanga Pujas, sponsor sankalpam and Homam. The main shrine contains mini-temples to many deities. Temple priests performed the Kumbha Abhishekamof all the deities by chanting Vedic Mantras, offering flower petals garlands, fruits, Naivedyam and a breeze from a fan in an ancient tradition. 

All the deities were adorned in brightly colored clothing reflecting regional traditions across India. Ma Durga, Bhairav Baba, and Navagraha Homams were performed. Maha Prasadam was served to all the devotees after the Maha Mangalarati. Pt. Joshi thankedwith gratitude Rajesh Ramana and Raj Gopal for taking lead in all the activities of the program. All the priests blessed all the devotees for their time and support for making the program a memorable one.

Pt Anil Joshi

Pt Anil Joshi

“When we built this temple, we didn’t know lot of people would be coming to visit and our temple would become a rich legacy for the younger generation and grow beyond our expectations,” said Manoj Adhikari, temple president

One of the devotee said that a visit to the temple offers a glimpse into our rich Hindu religious life.



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