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 Are Technological Advancements Good Or Bad For Health?

 Are Technological Advancements Good Or Bad For Health?
November 21
18:21 2018

Human beings are a curious creature whose growth and development as a species is marked by its rate of progress in creating new technology that can be implemented to improve the overall quality and safety of communal life. From the invention of the first wheel, we have seen a rapid surge in technological advancement which defies expectations and is shaping the world into a new era of lifestyle.

Humans have created and invented machines and developed new and more complex technological inventions and have written new languages of binary code to reach higher states of being and thus making a life for every person safer and more efficient in every aspect possible.

From sports to education to economics and even to the field of health, technology has touched every nook and cranny of human society and its influence on our behavior is increasing at an ever expanding rate.

This raises the question, is this technological growth beneficial or harmful to us? Technology has had an immense influence over the field and study of health and welfare. Today, online doctor consultation has surpassed the need for physical consultations.

In a matter of decades, our technological advancements have allowed us to forsake the prehistoric crude methods of treatment and have ushered us into a time of cutting-edge technology where any dissent, illness and the health-related issue can be solved and bettered with pristine accuracy and efficiency.

With the passage of time, technology will become more and more advanced and new ways of improving health conditions will be developed. The expansion of technology cannot be stunted in any way as that is how human beings as a species have been able to evolve and adapt to situations.

Technology and its influence

As the days pass, technology and gadgets are being more and more intimately incorporated into your daily lives. Almost every person is always accompanied by a smartphone at least and is in constant touch with some machinery. It can be said that we have crossed a threshold hold where we now cannot imagine a world without technology. This begs the question, is technology and its advancements good or harmful for health? This question has been debated over countless times by professionals, scholars, philosophers and by almost every person there is. There is no conclusive answer to this question. As of now, no one can definitively claim and prove whether technological advancements are beneficial or are they harmful to the health of people in general. Technology has had both positive and negative impacts on health in general. There is no black or white area of distinction o this debate. Technological advancements have both improved the quality of life substantially and also is brought about many ill effects too. Technology will continue to have a stronger influence over society and will eventually become an inseparable part of it as it is now. It all boils down to how we allow ourselves to be influenced by these advancements. Depending on our reaction to the ever-increasing science of invention, we can determine if it is beneficial to the health of the mind and body or is it leading to harmful conclusions.

The beneficial impact of technology on health

In today’s world, technology has become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives. Healthcare and welfare treatment have grown and developed in leaps and bounds thanks to new inventions and more sophisticated gadgets and software. Hospitals and other health centers are now better equipped to handle emergency procedures with lower workforce and more efficiency. Thanks to the cyber network and smartphones, people can get access to information about any medical condition online in an instant. People can even ask a doctor online about diseases and illnesses and treat them accordingly. Any symptom and treatment and all kinds of information about any medicine such as the common ones like meftal spas are at the fingertips of the people. Even buying and selling of drugs can be done online. Online medical consultation is becoming more and more of a popular concept. Asking a doctor online for consultation is allowing the reach of medical professionals to increase and spread even to the most rural of areas. Many mobile applications for commercial use are dedicated to health and fitness. This is causing people to be more fit and indulgent exercise and is trying to be healthier and live a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically. People are becoming more conscious of the adverse effects of unhealthy lifestyles thanks to social media and are striving to be more healthy and active.
Surgical machinery has become more precise and effective and easier to operate. Surgeons have it easier thanks to the development of new and more powerful medical tools. Research and studying new antibiotics and medicine are becoming more efficient. Cleanliness has also improved dramatically with the introduction of more eco-friendly disposition technologies.
It can be safely said that technological advancements have greatly helped in raising the standers of living. With passing years, the existing technology will become even more advanced and will further help in improving living standers and health. Advancements in technology have allowed us to increase the life expectancy by a considerable margin. People can live happier, longer and full lives with the help of technology.

The downside of technology on health

Even with all the benefits that technological advancements have to offer to the human society, it is not without drawback. Every coin has two sides. Everyone has heard that saying. Similarly, just as technology is good for health, it is also causing problems on many levels. One of the most significant drawbacks of technology and its advances is the constant introduction of gadgets. For example, the smartphone itself. Being one of the most significant inventions of the century, the smartphone has contributed vastly, not only in the field of communication but also in the field of health. Allowing us to have immense power in the palm of our hands, phones allow us to ask doctors online for advice and book appointments from any place at any time of the day. Fortifying our reach of communication, smartphone is the most revolutionary invention of the 21st century. Yet, despite aiding the improvement of health, these phones are becoming the cause for health issues worldwide. People are becoming excessively obsessed with their phones. The LED light from the screen is causing short-sightedness to be due overexposure. The natural posture of the human body is getting distorted due to forced sitting and laying postures.
Handheldgadgetsand new inventions are causing people to lose their concentration span resulting in poor work results. Depression form over surfing through social media has become a real issue. Other inventions like laptops television and their ever-increasing models are making people lose their touch with the real world.
Often online solutions seem like the easiest and the best course of action. Even acts such as asking doctors online for advice could cause health issue that is greater than what was initially small. There are a lot of doctors and people pretending to be doctors. If not selected carefully, people can be wrongfully diagnosed and can cause the situation to become worse. Often it has been found that many people have been suffering even worse due to the failure of medical equipment while practicing. There is no guarantee that the equipment will be one hundred percent effective every time. Data corruption can lead to misdiagnosing of patients.
Many health apps have incorrect information about how to go about being healthy.

As we can see, technology has both good and bad effect on the health aspect of human life. Over dependency on technology can lead to the nullification of the human touch and being completely free of technology in this time can lead to excessive struggles that can be easily avoided. It is important to find the right balance of technological influence and independence in our lives to reap the benefits of technology to its fullest.

As time passes, rather than getting curbed, the advancement of technology will only increase. What is crucial is that we do not allow this advancement to over-run our life to the point where there is more harm than actual good. As for the debate of whether technology is good or bad for health, there can never be a clear-cut answer for the scale of the betterment of dimes tips according to the technological implication and implementation of the time. All we as humans can do is making sure that the devices that we create and use do not become our vices. Rather than replacing the human nature with more technology, we should strive to use technology to further better the natural essence of the human body, and this will lead to better health of both the body and the mind.

Only by the course of time can we see if technological advancement is truly good for bad for health and wellness.



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