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Babul Supriyo, Hrshitta Bhatt not coming

August 17
21:57 2016
Hrshitta Bhatt

Hrshitta Bhatt

CHICAGO: In the wake of Rakhi Sawant controversy, the talk of the town now centered on the other FIA which had been trumpeting about Babul Supriyo and Hrshita Bhatt, both famed artists and celebrities, performing and attending the FIA India Day celebrations. Babul incidentally is also the Minister of State for Urban Development, Government of India and his presence would have lent a big boost to the sagging image of FIA

India Post learnt and it is formally confirmed by Minhaj Akhtar, the FIA President that Babul Supriyo is not coming, and according to him. It is the outcome of Rakhi Sawant’s ungainly costume and dance controversy. India Post however, gathered that a person of the Minister rank coming with diplomatic Visa is not expected to give stage performance as an artist

The reason for Hrshitta Bhatt not performing, however, is not known but Minhaj confirmed that she would also not be a Guest of Honor as publicized earlier. The FIA show however, will go on, rain or shine, in a very dignified way, Minhaj said and added that he did find good replacements which would make up for the absence of Babul and Hrshitta

Minhaj also indicated that the Parade on August 20 at Devon Avenue and the next day Banquet would definitely be graced by prominent figures in the State and within the community.

He said that FIA has planned this time to honor top ranking Indian community activists and figures who have really worked for the betterment of the society at large.

Ramesh Soparawala
India Post News Service



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