Balochis, Kashmiri Hindus get together on UN Refugee Day

For India West -webLOS ANGELES, CA: United Nations World refugee day was commemorated in Los Angeles on June 26. Kashmiri Hindu Foundation Inc, US based non-profit organization, along with “Jagriti ” arranged the event.

It was for the first time that Leaders from Baluchistan, Sindh, Tibet, human rights activists and Kashmiri Hindus spoke about the atrocities being committed on their populations.

Chairman, House Foreign Affairs Committee Rep Ed Royce in a message said that Kashmir Hindu Foundation and Jagriti should both be commended for providing a forum in order to celebrate the courage and bravery of people leaving their homeland. “It is significant that you are coming together to commend refugees that flee violence and seek the safety of the United States. This meeting and the ongoing efforts are not only beneficial to the Kashmiri Hindu community but also the international community as a whole.”

Aziz Baloch, human rights activist, coordinator of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) from Baluchistan, spoke about atrocities being inflicted upon its people and thousands of Baloch youth were missing. He talked about his Baluchistan being a free sovereign state and demanded Indians to give moral support in regaining Baloch sovereignty.

The Pakistan army, its notorious intelligence agency ISI and other institutions are also backing dangerous extremist groups. A multitude of state endorsed extremists and radical groups with different names are killing minorities such as Shia Hazara, Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Ahmadiyas and Zikris.

World Sindh Congress General Secretary Dr Saghir Ahmed Shaikh spoke about the conditions of Sindhi population in Sindh. He started with the quote from great Sindh Poet “Shahlateef’. He said like the Baloch people, Sindhis are secular by nature and hegemony of Punjab and Punjabi army has brought in miseries to Hindu Sindhis with kidnappings, conversions etc. He demanded self determination for the people and claimed it would be a peaceful region after Baloch and Sindh issues are resolved.

Kamlesh Chauhan, founder of Jagriti, honored the brave soldiers of India who were present in the hall. She sent a message to leaders of Indian communities to always salute our soldiers who are fighting on the borders for the security of motherland India. She honored Retired Col Rajinder Singh Sohi with a special Award from Jagriti.

At the end of the event, Kamlesh Chauhan and Dr Amrit Nehru of Kashmir Hindu Foundation Inc were thanked for organizing this event. This first time event managed to awaken people about the issues these communities were facing.

India Post News Service