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Beautiful Places To Visit In The United States

Beautiful Places To Visit In The United States
October 14
09:42 2021

The United States is not just known for its glorious movie industry, the country itself boasts a lot of history, wild and untamed nature, mesmerizing cities with impressive architecture, and of course also culture and entertainment for any taste.

New York

The Big Apple, as New York is often called, is one of the largest cities in the United States, founded in 1624 by Dutch colonists. The city’s rich history is often subject of movies, with some noteworthy examples being The Godfather, Gangs of New York or Taxi Driver.

European settlers arriving in the city created a rich mix of cultural diversity contributing to the charm and notoriety the metropolis has today. As an important economic centre, New York houses the world famous Wall Street (NYSE) and the NASDAQ stock exchanges in Manhattan, as well as many banks and other financial institutions.

New York also offers many interesting sights, including the Broadway Theatre and the Statue of Liberty, the world’s most famous symbol of freedom.

A visit to New York is also not complete without exploring the woods and lakes of Central Park, enjoying the view from atop the famous Empire State building, admiring the collection of artefacts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or the impressive architecture of the Rockefeller Center.

Welcome sign at Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas

Although gambling is legal in the whole state of Nevada, Las Vegas is by far the most famous casino city in the world. Glitz and glamour of the huge hotels and entertainment complexes have led to the infamous reputation of the city, also known as Sin City.

Some people visit the city to celebrate their bachelor or bachelorette parties, or to experience the wedding of their dreams. The city offers many options for couples to be wed by Elvis impersonators, secluded weddings next to waterfalls, or anything else you may dream of – Las Vegas lets your dreams come true.

Las Vegas’ attractions include the entertainment complexes and casinos, shows of famous entertainers every night, and the nearby Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Although many people prefer online casinos nowadays, Las Vegas is still a top destination for gamblers, who wish to try their luck at the games as well as enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of the city.

San Francisco

Sometimes overlooked, and overshadowed by Los Angeles, San Francisco is a real gem on the Pacific’s coast in California. The peninsula is not only famous for its proximity to Silicon Valley, which is located south of San Francisco and home to some of the world’s largest technology and internet companies.

San Francisco itself is a metropolitan city with many charming Victorian-style houses lined along the steep hills in the northern part of the city. You can explore San Francisco’s sights using the historic cable cars, and include a visit to the Cable Car Museum if you wish to learn more about how they work.

San Francisco’s Chinatown is not only the oldest Chinatown district in North America, it’s also the largest Chinese enclave outside of Asia. You can find some of the best Chinese cuisines, stroll along the streets, or indulge in shopping at one of the many Chinese markets.

National Parks

The United States is not just famous for impressive cities, there are also many designated National Parks, preserving some of the country’s natural beauty.

Yosemite is a national park in California, home to the stunning Yosemite Valley and the towering granite monolith El Capitan. You can also enjoy a trek to the Bridalveil Fall, along the river Merced, up one of the many mountains, or through the vast forests.

Sequoia National Park is also located in California, just a few hours drive from Yosemite. The name of the park refers to the huge Sequoia trees, which only grow in two regions in the world. You can admire its greatness, and feel small next to General Sherman, the largest tree in the world, which is estimated to be around 2500 years old.

Many things in the US are big, not just the trees, you can also be amazed by the Grand Canyon and the Colorado river flowing through it. The canyon itself is 277 miles long and offers many amazing view points with breathtaking views of the valley and river.

Located further north, in Wyoming, is Yellowstone National Park, which is famous for its geothermal features and geysers, canyons, rivers and mountains. What makes the park really interesting is the Yellowstone Caldera, which is a supervolcano, one of the largest in the world. On top of the dormant volcano is Yellowstone Lake, at a height of 2,357m above sea level.

volcanic craters of Haleakalā in Hawaii

volcanic craters of Haleakalā in Hawaii

The long list of National Parks in the United States also includes the Everglades tropical rainforest ecosystem in Florida, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, which is the world’s longest known cave system, the volcanic craters of Haleakalā in Hawaii, and the Redwoods in California, the tallest trees in the world.

A walk through serene nature, a bath in hot springs, a walk along the waterfalls or enjoying the breathtaking views will surely impress any visitor and make them want to stay.



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