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Bharat Vikas meet in Boston a big success

August 02
22:20 2016

bhart vikas-webBOSTON: The Global Indians for Bharat Vikas , a unique non-profit group established just three years ago, had a ‘Community Outreach’ event organized at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Newton, on Saturday, July 30. One of the themed topics was project ‘Bharat Vikas’ to bring change in India’s governance and grassroots development.

The ultimate goal is to transform India for “Global Leadership” through rural empowerment and citizens’ awareness campaign and not merely to fund development projects in India. It is thru enabling local people to improve their own lives that Bharat Vikas could be relevant.

Pawan Roy, treasurer, welcomed the gathering introducing himself and the directors of GIBV Outreach. Eighty one year old Dr. Mahesh Mehta, who is the key inspiration behind this organization, presented a brief history and objectives of the organization. He humbly asked the audience, “to catch up with the dream of making India one of the top three countries of the world. To do that we have to focus on the Sarvangina Vikas of India by establishing network of volunteers from around the world who are interested in spending time, energy and resources in organic development of villages and slums in India.”

In rural India, children do not want to go to school, parents do not want to send them to school and teachers do not want to teach them, Mehta said and observed “We have found a solution to fix this problem by sending good teachers to rural area and slums to motivate the villagers and children to go to school and get educated with sound math and science knowledge. Because these children are going to be the future leaders of our nation, we have to educate them properly. Otherwise, they become direction-less and frustrated in life and may become victims of evil social forces like drugs and terrorism.”

Kanchan Banerjee, the President, greeted all with their brief description to the floor by going around table by table. Many participants of the evening came from different states and India as well. Amazingly, 65% of India’s population is 35 or under, and half the country’s population of 1.25 billion people is under 25 years of age. India is very rich in human power, Kanchan said and added that India’s development does depend on people as much as it depends on the government.

“It is in this context we are using a unique approach of empowering the locals – let them decide what they need. To do this GIBV mobilizes volunteers across India and all over the word to bring about organic changes and development for a large population living in villages and slums of India.

Currently, GIBV is providing logistics, resources and support to various projects and activities and is developing a network of knowledge experts in several fields, including corrosive effect of corruption, integral development and means and ways to strengthen democracy,” Kanchan said

There was a Q and A session to clarify audiences’ doubts and answer their questions on various aspects of their projects in India. Kanchan thanked everyone for showing interest and support to their projects. Later, all the participants enjoyed their food while talking with other participants.

Geetha Patil



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