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Big B misses the crowds outside his bungalow on Sundays

Big B misses the crowds outside his bungalow on Sundays
April 21
11:40 2020

MUMBAI: Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan is missing the ritualistic thronging of fans every Sunday in front of his bungalow, Jalsa. Over the past 38-odd years, starry-eyed fans have crowded in front of his bungalow to catch a glimpse of the actor, who would emerge for a few moments to wave his hand at them.

The total lockdown owing to the COVID-19 pandemic has put an end to the frenzied ritual for now, and Big B seems to be missing it all.

“The Sunday does not mean the same as before .. waiting for the time to arrive .. the security in place .. that familiar sound of the step board being dragged into position .. that familiar scream of the well wishers at the gate as each domestic entrant enters and leaves premises .. of the knowing that ehe’ comes,” blogged the actor.

“Ecstatic wild faces and mobiles recording the moment .. those smiling hands and the designated positioning of the ef that shall eventually find space inside the home .. moments of connect with the familiar and the informed Ef .. the ones on the buildings ahead .. precariously positioned at vantage points .. the cheer and laments , the letters of recommendations , the out of the country guests .. numerous gift s and handicrafts from the near that have come within .. photographs .. return wave at the opposite balcony as you walk in the front door .. and its done,” he added.

Big B also misses giving autographs to fans and the gifts that some of them brought for him.

“A while more and the pages for the autograph, pictures writings etc., all done with the care with which they have remained so sincere and long, arrives.. their personal equation with the maestro in tact they leave after this minuscule formality .. the heart of the Ef be of subtle grace .. and that done they leave as do I inside the secure home .. and the gifts that arrive kept away to be stored and valued,” he wrote.

“But none of that for the day today .. just the thoughts and the reminders by the Ef on other platforms,” concluded the actor.

The ritual of fans gathering outside his bungalow every Sunday started sometime in the early eighties, at the peak of Big B’s superstardom as Bollywood’s Angry Young Man.

The veteran actor reminisced about the same in a tweet posted in January this year. “And the Sunday well wishers at Jalsa gates .. my gratitude ever .. Every Sunday from the year 1982 .. almost 38 years non stop .. no words to describe my affection,” he wrote.



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