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BSC of Chicago celebrates Picnic, 1000+ attend

BSC of Chicago celebrates Picnic, 1000+ attend
July 29
09:48 2021
BSC of Chicago celebrates Picnic, 1000+ attend

BSC members in queue await their turn

Jayanti Oza

CHICAGO: On July 25th, 2021 over 1000 Bhartiya Seniors of Chicago, with friends and well wishers participated in the PICNIC at Turner Park in Roselle a north side suburb of Chicago.

The PICNIC was planned from 9 in the morning. Since the BSC team had already known that over 1000 members were expected, preparations started 2-weeks before and the picnic was handled in a well-organized manner.

The food team was well prepared; the Music System was handled by Ramesh Rupani, and Ramedh Gandaliya. Picnic Sale and VIP Guests were handled by Madarsang Chavda and Raman Patel; and the watermelon preparation was done by Vishnu Patel, Mahesh Patel and volunteers. Ice-Gola preparation team was Ramesh Rupani, Ramesh Gondaliya, Chandu Dave and Satish Amin. Ice-Cream Team was Pravin Amin, Damini Patel, Kalyani Patel, Arun Shah and Mahesh Patel. Water and Cold Drinks served by Babu Laheri, Bharat Doshi, Hanshraj Patoila,

BSC of Chicago celebrates Picnic, 1000+ attend

Swati Caterer preparing fresh food for BSC Members

In the Bingo Game Team were Damini Patel, Kalyani Patel and Shilpa Desai. There were donuts for Kids. Also as usual, Indian traditional fresh Gotta (Bhajiya), Special Indian Kadhi, Fafda, Jalebi, was prepared along with fried green peppers and onions. There was no problem in this area and the BSC of Chicago committee and food team handled this successfully.

The temperature was in 90s and it was necessary to prepare enough water and drinks to survive and face the heat wave for over 5 hours. At least 6-igloos were used to supply lemonade, coke, orange and water.  Lunch served by 1:00pm; items included Bhaji Pao, Chhas, after lunch Ice cream and watermelon was distributed at 3:30pm. The event included many popular Indian games such as Music Chair for Kids, Young and Adults; Bingo Game for all members. Also some prizes were given to winning teams and members.

During the event members decided to go for Indian traditional Garba and Couples’ dance. Wow this was really unbelievable, with a music DJ used to entertain BSC members. There was a big circle in the middle of the Turner Park in town of Roselle Illinois. Every Committee member had fun watching this Garba while food was being prepared for Dinner.

BSC of Chicago celebrates Picnic, 1000+ attend

Volunteers making Ice-Gola on site

Finally Indian food was served to all members and three lines were formed to serve over 1000 members without delay. Indian food included Khichdi, Vegetable Shaak, Indian Popular soft-sweet Mohanthal and Bhakhari, were enjoyed by the BSC members.

Hard work by BSC committee, and volunteers who dedicated themselves, day and night, to serve one of the largest Indian senior organizations in Chicago and Midwest area, was highly appreciated by Haribhai Ji. Especially he thanked BSC Trustee Parsotambhai Pandya who attend picnic and is resident of Dallas (Texas). Well known News Photo Journalist and Videography expert Jayanti Oza attended and captured some events of the day.



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