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Can Bike Modification Impact Insurance?

Can Bike Modification Impact Insurance?
October 25
09:20 2021

When you change your bike, you may wonder whether it will affect bike insurance or not. Before we answer this, let’s understand a few things first.

Different kinds of bike modifications impact insurance in different ways. If modification is minimal, then it might not impact insurance at all. But, you must inform your insurer about the type of changes you intend to make to avoid any issues in the future.

Let’s discuss the types of modifications and what it means for two-wheeler insurance renewal, purchase, and the claims process.

Performance Modifications

Performance modifications, such as increasing the fuel efficiency or the bike’s speed, will also increase your insurance premium. If you ride at high speed, you may get into accidents and claim often. It may compel the insurer to review the modification. So, they may charge a higher policy premium whether you buy bike insurance online or offline.

Visual Modifications

You may want to enhance your bike to make it look unique and appealing. But, you must consider the risks associated with such modifications. For instance, someone may steal your bike due to its visual modifications. This can make the insurer more alert and may even increase your premium cost.

Security Modifications

You can also make security-related enhancements to your bike. Such modifications include installing an anti-theft tool, a motion sensor alarm, a GPS in the bike, etc. All these things reduce the risk of someone stealing, and you will not have to claim any losses. The insurer, in a bid to encourage this, may offer a discount on two-wheeler insurance renewal. Hence, security modifications can help you save on your policy premiums.

Modification for Differently-Abled People

If you change the bike for a disabled person or make extra space for them, the insurer will not charge any premium. In fact, insurance companies provide a separate discount to encourage it.

When you buy or renew bike insurance online, inform your insurer about the changes. Keep all its documents and bills to claim benefits such as discounted premium costs.

Modifications for Fitting Extra Accessories

If you add accessories such as a luggage carrier, the insurer will charge you a higher premium. Such an accessory increases the bike’s value, attracting a higher Insured Declared Valued  (IDV). This, in turn, increases the claimable coverage value,  attracting a higher premium cost.

So, you must inform the insurer about the accessories while buying the policy, so they can charge a suitable premium. Even so, modifications lead to a better riding experience and are always encouraged. Bike accessories are worth the increased costs comprising the product, fitting charges, and the premium.

Things to Bear in Mind When Modifying your Bike

  • Before modifying any bike, you must know your state’s rules and regulations to avoid any trouble.
  • You must talk to different insurers and see who is charging the lowest premium. You can then choose them if you wish to change your bike in the future for improved savings on insurance.
  • Always remember that even small modifications can affect your insurance benefits. If you modify your bike without informing your insurer, they may refuse to give you the claim benefits. You must inform the insurer about bike modification, whether it is during the two-wheeler insurance renewal or mid-term.
  • In an accidental claim, if the insurer discovers new modifications, they can refuse to pay. The coverage benefits pertain to the inspected and recorded bike condition and valuation.
  • In 2019, the Supreme Court ruled that you cannot change or alter a vehicle that has a registration certificate issued by the manufacturer.

Some bike modifications, such as upgrading the braking system, installing crash guards, increasing engine capacity by up to 5%, etc., do not impact the insurance premium. But still, you should inform the insurer before getting the bike modified to avoid any coverage claims hassles later.

Although getting the bike modified is not a big deal, but still, you must discuss it well with your insurer.

You must inform your insurer about any changes before the two-wheeler insurance renewal. Even if you plan to buy bike insurance online, you must fill the applications, specifying any future bike upgrades.



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