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Chicago doc moves ECI on AAP

January 10
22:03 2017
Dr Munish Raizada

Dr Munish Raizada

CHICAGO: Chicagoland based medical practitioner and convener of Chanda Bandh Satyagraha Dr. Munish Raizada has submitted a petition to Election Commission of India seeking its intervention to stop AAP leadership from deceiving the public in the name of financial transparency. Dr Munish Raizada was a front raking of supporter AAP party in Chicgoland and in the USA

In his petition, Raizada asserted that AAP had claimed that:” It will operate with 100% transparency in its financial procedures and practices. Every single rupee donated to the party will be published on the website immediately along with details of the donor. Every expense done by the party will also be published on the website.”

But taking off the lists of donors from its website since June 2016 is tantamount to contravention of its own policy, he observed. AAP leaders are creating an atmosphere of deception with regard to financial transparency. The party uses lofty words like transparency and honesty, while the donors’ list has been scrapped from public view.

Raizada is currently engaged in an internal battle with Aam Aadmi Party. He has been leading a Chanda Bandh Satyagraha (No List: No Donation campaign) against the party since December 2016. The Satyagraha is aimed at seeking pledge from the public not to donate to AAP if it does not display its donors list. He says that the response has been great and in Delhi alone, more than 20,000 people have signed the pledge. Raizada says that they are taking the movement to Punjab.

Raizada is a Chicago-based neonatologist (doctor of newborn babies) and has been associated with the party since its beginning. He not only served the party in India in various capacities but also helped it in mobilizing donations from the NRI community, in addition to himself donating significantly.

He was suspended from the party in November 2015 due to his open criticism of Kejriwal’s support to Lalu Prasad Yadav. Raizada had stated that by supporting a corrupt and convicted criminal like Lalu, the party was weakening its resolve to fight corruption.

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