Chithirai Fest brings South Indian experience

foodFREMONT, CA: Chithirai Food Fest – a food and art festival – was held at Centerville Jr. High school, Fremont on April 15 with the focus on bringing a South Indian experience to the Bay Area. It was attended by over 1000 Bay area residents.

Chithirai is derived from the first month in the Tamil (lunar) calendar. This month marks the beginning of summer, its festivities, and the holiday season in Tamil Nadu. The event was organized by Bay Area Tamil Manram.

Bay Area Tamil Manram is a secular, non-profit, non-political, and non-partisan organization. It has been serving the San Francisco Bay area since 1980. It was started as a group for like-minded Tamils to socialize and has grown into a strong organization of what it is now.

Tamil Manram continues its service to Tamil. It is committed to the growth of Tamil cultural activities in the Bay area. Tamil Manram regularly conducts children’s events and encourages children to learn Tamil language and Tamil culture. Tamil Manram also raises funds for social cause for non-profit charity organizations.

The Chithirai Food Fest provided a gateway to experience the unique food, drinks, arts and culture of Tamil Nadu, a South Indian state. “This event is to mark the dawn of spring and our vibrant community is enthralled to celebrate this spring festival in a colorful way in an enchanting atmosphere of traditional food and cultural events,” said Jayaprakash, President BATM. This signature event featured a market place, food tasting pavilion, live musical entertainment (on stage, open air).
11 Bay Area restaurants participated at the event and catered 26 + traditional, authentic delicacies of the Tamil palate to experience Incredible India.

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